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Murd And Venom

you guys are both very active and have been in ruen forawhile now, u guys want skins? if so what do u want them to look like?

gimme stuff like playermodel, colors, anythign u want in it, etc

or u can give me sumthing the playermodel and just say make it cool and i will if u arnt very creative, ill come up with sumthing nice, jsut tell em the model

um im not creative at all.
dont give shit bout wut u put on but trial pit ragnar would be good.
just make it something with greena dn black loll

ok woot i get my own skin now rofl, k uhhhhhhh, i want a white dude with no shirt and huge muscles and uhhhh hav liek blood on his chest and his arms and legs. oo and a hole in his chest maybe, blonde hair

wow..murd very original (compares trial pit ragnar with murds idea) but speaking of skinssat my brotha from a different motha and cola UPLOAD THE DAMN SKINS plz?

actualy the reason i made this most is cus ive made a warclan skin pack, but i wanna include murd and ven in it b4 i release it , so oncei get that finished they will be uplaoded


make my bro's have boobs coming out of her ass and gray/blue/green/red/purple/teal/magenta eyes and then give it a gorrila head
and make it have a tail that splits into 4 ends and 1200 feet.and no arms or legs
just stubs.anddddddddd make it poop lil puppies.

lmao fury i bet you spent all night thinkin up that one

or he was on acid when writing this psot lol

lol damn, creative!