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yo my cousins live really close to you

i got a whole bunch of cousins/aunts/uncles/grandparents in webster,greece and fairport

dang i never knew u lived so close (was lookign at google maps and saw ontario liek right next to webster)

im gunan go visit ur mom some time

k take me with you

k blunts yamean? @ murds

We should have a WaR meet. Like everyone meets at Murd's house.

yeah, without murd knowing non the less

ill get a plane ticket then

omg seriously if u coem to webster tell me sat we and jedi will meet u somewhere


where does he live ? i forgot

why don;t i read

oh yeah gbjr u live in syracuse right??

lol k ill take a plane too , lol ??

If someone would buy me a ticked I'd come lol xD

aight sat you gotta pick me up from the airport or murd or whoever im gonna be the homeless guy outside askin around for spare change so look for me

psh u better go to ontario or ill hax your plane and make it crash while your in it