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Msn Probs

hey all,
just wondering if you are having some msn problems lately because for some reason it wont let me sign in. sayin gmy network is fucked, which it isn't because every other thing i try works. browsin websites, downloadin shit etc. im usin the oldest version of msn . the one thats bundled in with windows xp when u first download it. but that shouldn't matter because it was workin fine a week ago. im usin a link sys pci wireless internet adapter which rapes the internet but just cant do this one thing. and I WANT It to. i wanna tlak to u guys so um post your thoughts and help if you give a shit bout good ol' ven here
kk pce

make sure ur time/date/yr is right in the bottom right corner, if its fucked (liek a yr or days off) it wont let u sign in

nope my date is i teh saidzors it was working last week not sure what happened