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Movies in 5 SECONDS

Titanic in 5 seconds.

Lion King in 5 secons.
for more look at the related videos thingy. these r kinda funny!

lmao, good stuff, lion king is best

Search Human Tetris. It's some hilarious Japanese game show.

loki - i seen that before

EW titanic..

Satros wrote:
lion king is best

hukuna matata . . .what a wonderful phrase. . .

eww static

ya knowwwwwwww

your like a bad penny

yeah i know like a coin that wont get toust!!

LOL theres like 500 5sec movies on youtube but u up boost your cool points sadosi 1 point to5 lol but really these shit are funny some werent but still like em

yeah well, alot of the other 5 sec ones are shitty copies of some1s good idea

what comes around go's around (Merry~Worl) but whose to say you cant find half ass clips that are good

All rockie movies in 5 seconds was amazing.. lol watch it