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Most epic thread of all time

No point satros close plz

lmfao nice
and theres like 5 other admins than sat so KDIE

yeah but im teh sexiest


u izzaint


k my new saying nobody say
"izzaint" YES!
u jews are gonna copy aren't u..

nah i izzaint


yea venom dont worry i izzaint gonna steal it

well its ok for kittie to say it, BUT NOONE ELSE
Especially MATTMAN!

nah man we izzaint like that yamean?

Wait you izzaint talkin bout MattMan from the forums are ya?


it izzaint anything to worry about no1 is gonna steal it =p i howcome only i get to say it?

cuz of your h4x.

yea and static also h4x's and so does kittara

but stat says she'll never say again and kittara is still falling in the neverending ditch

lyke srsly? wtf?

Meh..meh meh meh meh meh meh meh