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Map idea

first off you dont have to make it, but remember how i mentioned in the WAR servers lately of a burrito map.
yes it takes place in a big stinky meaty burrito tunnels. kinda like one of those bedrooms unleashed kinda maps. wach out for collapsing beans! and pits of deadly burining ass hot grease!

and the occasional picked up and bit by a giant ragnar!! and thats not all! you may successfully escape form the burrito but oh no a bridge that leads into the kitchen were you must escape froma taco! ahh lettuce avalanches with sour cream so cold its like death touching you!!!

not a war map but a neato idea. i could probably take pictures of a bean burritos inside and put on my comp and edit it with photoshop, and make it fit as a texture and take a picture of a burriot's outside and turn it into the torteeya wrap (how ever the hell you spell it). and mkae it all crap wepaons bone maces to viking short swords and goblin shields. and dont forget the occasional "YUM YUM!" sound scary indeed but another twist into the wicked mind of cecil.
and just now got an inspiration for an Apocolypse Now! movie map, its a good movie you should buy it!
get the redux version it an old 'nam movie that takes place in '67 i think.

lol i like this idea actually.. its unique lol

getten eaten by ragnar would be impossible but the rest might be fairly easy

yeah i might try a beta version just gotta get the ocx or missing files for runeits gonna egin out as a square butwith holes in it i got another idea, it a gaint crack rock!
same as burriot concept wiht some funny ass sounds.
like two high black guys talking and saying:
"Yo tibidoe got some mo crack?"
"hell no bitch, what the fuck is worng wit you fugga?"
and stuff like that

P.S im gonna add some snow insaide the tunnels and a straw sticking insjide the crack rock and actually get sucked into a nose and climb on frosty boogers!

any ways anyone willing to put some mappy ideas on here feel free to submit.

i was thinking of a map entitled war of the vikings the spawn room is you are isnide of huey with all the wesp and you jump out of it little open door way and spawn into a jungle like arena. kinda like the movie hamburger hill, that acutally has the hill.