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How the HELL are people getting contracts these days!??!?!!??!?!

Fucking emo's. Seriously.

Listen to the whole song and I'll give you a cookie.

Not possible.

i only made it 4 seconds lol

(story of my life)

Did you read the lyrcis? Holy shit!

Won on Nightmare mode.

I'd like my cookie now.

omg i listened to the whole thing but u have to srsly read the comments to the video

JanelleYupperdoodle (1 day ago)
HolFuuck I love this song.

xoharriettubmanxoxo (1 day ago)
omg u saw them live!!!? i would so love thattt id fucking jump onstage and rape that poor bastard<33 hes such a genius

xoharriettubmanxoxo (1 day ago)
omfg i loveee dahvie i would so fuck him !!! hes the lovliest guy in the worlddd <333 i would s his d :D!!

fix'd ur post for ya loki and uhh yeah that was the gayest 2:54 secs i ever watchedbut i want my damn cookie

lolz gay song

NO homo