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List Some discriptions

Well This might get everyones attention or it may not but its the best way to find out, What does everyone think about you?
So i made a list so ill be the first to start then someone else make there list so that this way well really know who diggs us or who wants to flat out kick your ass. hehe

Zodiac's descriptions of his forum mates list
Satros- John Gotti(hardest Gangsta alive A.K.A. sexy beast)
Swar-Gothic porn freak lol(dont beat your meat to much you'll go blind)
Feel-it-Shit he'll feel on your lil sister lol(the name is more of a Micheal Jackson cover up name)
FuryBeKnown-Judging by the horse on your sig your a lucky white man hehe.
Thugg-OOOOOOOOhhhhh boy dis nigga.Ass, bitch ass nigga, go lick sum cochie and stop bitchin.
StaticGirl-SEXY!!!!! WOOHH!!! YEAH!!!. i hope
Shadowman-Well wtf u exspect hes a shadow i see him everyday and goes for everyone else he dont need to be here everyday.
Krunkjuice-This caramel delite here is Playing wit herself watching a tape of me and satros making love(your the best sat)
Jedikiller1-Um shit.your???.ok her we go, your new so satro exspect you to be on the corner around 7pm ill pick u up.
Kar-Spammer!!! DAMMIT KAR!!!! btw where shes been, Probably hacking my cpu now FUCKIN STOP!!!, I HATE YOU!!!
Kittie-I also hope your sexy too but your cool as fuck, im down wit being your bitch lol.
Lucian-Oh man Your like the Billy The Kid of the clan(badass billy gun).
Mattman-R.I.P.Revive..R.I.Previve.etc. LmAO(fuckin a dude your cool need u back miss ya)
Murd-Welll you kill.??? i guess. lol
Triclone-Another one of Sats new hoes lets see your scedualed to be at the holiday inn your fixin to get housed by old
Tripp-21 well hope your drunk cuz your gonna go help triclone.. lol i forgot u was also new hehe(sat your the best i told u)
Wicked-damn havnt heard from u niether but the name fits lol.

lmfao funny as hell zod, great topic, i jsut hope no1 has a poor sense of humor lol, i guess ill do some

Bhaal - well i know him irl, and his girlfreind is really tall. nuff said.
Cecil - hes probly gunna be the next person to go crazy with a gun somewhere in public, also he worships satan lol, still cool though
Death Killer - your like 8, and the fact that master sos is ur brother only makes you worse, jk
Feel-It - never thot some kid from uruaguay that i hardly understand could be so funny
FuryBeKnown - i feel bad for you (venom is your brother)
GodBelow Jr. - hes pretty young and idk wtf hes saying half the time but he still go along with war and thats cool with me, also hes godbelow's nephew
Havik - joined war, went to rehab for cocaine, came back and disapeared
Imortal K - one night stand. he joined war ad was never seen from again
JediKiller1 - always up for a game of sumthing or to go on ts hehe
Kittara - "IM NOT ANGRY.. IM FUCKING PISSED!", shes probly the angriest person ive ever met when shes mad, the fact that shes a 14 yr old girl just makes me more afraid
Kittie - she hacks. also shes my slave, although i find that she gives me most of the orders.. >.<, shes cool though, my partner in crime on msn and rune hehe
KrunkJuice - sexy enuff where we forgive her for not showing up in a few months
Lucian - someone has gotta be mean to people who act noob in the clan, and i guess thats him lol,ive known him for years now and hes always been a loyal WaR
Master Sos - first hes italian, then hes russian, etc etc, he acts gangster even though hes in all advanced placement classes
Mattman - like zod said, rip revive rip revive, your cool as fuck tho, stay on crack.
Murderer - probly one of the coolest 13 yr olds ive met, jedi too, and i thot they were all annoying kids who type in caps and dont make sense lol
MuyoMan - a funny guy, even tho he disapeared and moved into an apartment with curse from dmi
Satros - well i think hes very sexy and a awsome leader cough cough
Sleepy - mattmans friend, shows up at random along with matt, although with alot more sense in his speech
Staticgirl - ive known her the longest, longer than any1 from rune or any other game, shes also very fun to piss off on teamspeak, atleast until she turns into a dragon and rips our organs out, despite that shes still a good freind of mine, sexy too
Swarainiz - although he wasnt an original war it feels like he was,feels liek ive known him,luc,wick,thugg and kittara forever, without him we probly wouldnt have these sexy forums, also your sister is number1 protestute
ThuGG - my brotha, from the orphanarium? lol, a great freind, hes been in war forever
Triclone - hes a racist asian, but its still fun to play everast with him
Venomblade - probly the msot spastic kid ive ever met, also he thinks hes black even tho his name is JARED, go eat subway fool, hes funny and fun to be around tho, YE FORM UP
Wicked - my war brother to the end. weve been best of freinds forever
Zaifos -even though he dissapeared for like a year, he came back and now he hosts a server for us 24/7 and also helps me on some of my maps
Zodiac - hes funny as hell, the fact that hes probly high makes it even more funny hehe
Kar - why dont u spam anymore? lol "im a gangster..right?"

deep down tho your all cool people and im glad your in WaR, cept you venom.

Well wth.. I gotta do one now.. uhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh

Immortal K. - Your weird.. But then again so is everyone. =D AWESOME
Feel It- You can have my sister. <3 she'd love you! honest to god..
JediKiller1- You remind of of the seagulls from uhm.. Finding Nemo, cept your not saying mine, its always TS! TS! Lawl, still cool though.
VenomBlade- Your an idiot. you suck at life.. Get out.. But i guess thats why your here.. Cool
Kittara- Srsly, you are lyke awesome Fight my murds mom for me? Lol.. You can always keep everyone away with ze anger
Kittie- YAY Your turn! Ye, She hax. I like teh ubor hax. therefore it makes her super shweet. She mah friend alwayz.
Master Sos- God your weird. Your hardly here.. =/ not much to say
Bhaal- Your cool. Your tall.. But i guess not as tall as your gfso im hearing? Lool
Swar- You seem to pop up in the middle of the night when im bored as hell. Thank god for swar! woo!!
Wick- ..You've helped me alot more than anyone should have. But your always offline.. fucker..
Murd- Your really really spazzy And yet your not =/
DeathKiller- hmmm.. Dun really know you.. D: god im horrible But im sure your shweet
FuryBeKnown- WTH MAN!? don't just pop out of no where like that. I can't take that much laughter in 1 sitting.
Sleepy- wake up. I never see you around anymore..
Lucian- I know you.. I just ..can't place.. Your scary..? Hi :B
Cecil- All i know about YOU is that you hide behind the curtian all the time I said hi once but you were really quiet..
GodBelowJr. - You pop outta no where all the time too..
Zaifos- LYKE OMG hi! You talked to me the other day.. You were pretty cool. Hm
Thugg- Hey man! where you been? We miss you. n your.. thuggness
Kar- Where are you? All out of annoying ness for everyone? ..I miss those days.
Satros- This one is kinda odd to explain Sexy beast, kinda weird, I kinda like this guy.
Night_Angel- Are you ever gunna post again? I'm kinda lost when you aren't yellin somethin weird at me.
Zodiac- HEEEEEEY HEY HEY, you aren't insane yet i see.. Need to fix this.

I KNEW I'D FUCKING FORGET SOMEONE Triclone- Pyscho bitch who is always on my ts =/ nub cake

Soo like, everyone in WaR keeps me entertained and sane.. or insane.. i forget what one but, i'm really glad we can keep sort of say a family together like this.. though i dont know.. half the people or can't place them exactly, cuz im retarded like that but, still. WaR rox mai sox

First ill begin that stat forgot me in hers? and how does she forget the Asian? isk,i feel bad now.

Satros- Our Almighty leader,and soon to be counselor of cov,to me he has a weird shaped head but anyways hes cool.
Venomblade- Although hes black he listens to cool rock music.He gave me the link to war so ill have to thank him forever for that,and ill keep my racist jokes to myself..for now.
ThuGG-dumb besh fights weird,sometimes ill own him,then he becomes like the black jesus and owns the whole other team. GF!
JediKiller- TS is fun with you,although i always hear the echobastard.Anyways hes emo and cuts himself over some ugly bitch. so stop that, kbye.
Feel-It- i think he lives in some poor spanish speaking third world country,still he owns and is always fun to play with.btw buy a mic will you?
Imortal K- i gave him links to war forums and sadly he dissapeared where did my recruit go?
Kittie- I cant understand anything you say but o well ASIANPOWER.
Sleepy- another black guyWTF? get back on the forums please. kthanks
Murderer- All he ever says to people is "your a fag!" on ts,so geuss what FU!
Wick- i wont say anything bad about him,and we all know why.jerkface.
Lucian- i never talk to him,but he has really long hair,i mean REALLY long. and he goes to really creepy old houses which is cool.
Swar- ummm he hangs out with Lucian and makes awesome siggys
Furybeknown- whered you go? i miss you so. seems like its been forever.since you been gone.- Fort Minor
Godbelow Jr.- Dude i never pick on you like you think lol,anyways youll one day be a cov,no worries.
Master SOS- i was in his clan with him when i was like 9,fun times,he hates my name and voted no on my application.He works at subwaymmmmm suuubwaaay.
Zaifos- Go buy a mic with feel it.
KrunkJuice- I geuss she likes showing her ass??
Tripp- Did he even get in yet? he laughs a lot and is fun to play with.
Zodiac- Hes black too,seems cool enough i dont see him enough either though.And no im not sat's hoe.
Staticgirl- even though she forgot me in hers,ive thought about it and i geuss ill put her in mine lol, shes curses too much when shes angry, and her myspace sucks. but she does rock for letting us have a ts server for a month.
Mushu- i love killing you,and you get angry easily,even more than stat, good times,and sorry for barging into you and wicks odd conversations.

OK!!! I'm gonna miss some people or be wrong about some people but whatever.

Satros Dude. He's like the leader but he always tell me to get on gears late and then I end up going and playing CS:S or Rune or go cry. Anyway liek he is teh seckzay and ya. FORM UP gets pwnt

Murd I know him irl so I mess with him the most. I give out his phone number on the internet and he doesn't know about it Your mom.

Triclone Asian. Likes sony. EWWWWWWWW SONY. And my gf isn't ugly. She's surprisingly hot to be going out with me. >:(

Kittie h4x. Srsly. She'll fuck you up. She's also a lesbian with swar.

Swar Wtf is with your name man!? It's like Swarainizaniaasdadzianzianzinzizniznaananzazazazawazza or something. He's crazy and looked like a girl in his emo picture but wtf. <3

Lucian I don't know him very much but he looks like Jay from the Kevin Smith movies. How's Silent Bob doing? Tell him I said hi.

Wick Wick Wick Wick Wick Thinks he's cool in his password protected channel until kittie changes it and we raep the channel and drink from our lollergoblets.

Static Do you hate me stat? I think she hates me She's bat shit crazy by the way. Can't understand her on ts most of the time Hr sig is coming to raep me now.. I'm gonna go hide

Thugg / The Real JediKiller1 Haven't talked to him much but WAZZZZZ AAAAAAAAAAAAAAAP?! K. He's black and crazy. That's a really bad combo

Venom You're not getting 1600 points. >:(. Yea it's fun to play gears with him, Sat, and Wick. We pwnt some noobs YE FORM UP. He's always lagging and getting pwnt but whatevar. And venom you're not black. You're name is Jared and you don't have a black man's deep voice.

Feel It Ya haven't talked to him much. He talks weird Like not in english. Anway he's cool. <3

GodBelowJr. We had some fun the times we played rune. Messing around on your server. Making it lag. Good times

Xister Even if you aren't in WaR we still play games together. You always message me when I'm doing something. It gets annoying but whatever

Sorry if I missed you. It's because I don't know you and it would end up being wrong and people would be like "ZOMG NOOB" and I would cry.

ZOMG NOOB! go cry now please. kthanks.

Zomg Triclone I put you in there >:(

Ye, im gunna kill everyone

Thats a mouth full

Note = I cant remember what happened yesterday so sorry if what i say is a bit harsh

Bhaal - Well I can't say i really know you so theres not much to be said (sorry)

Cecil - Dude I've seriously only talked to you like once at the most and i cant fully remember but you were boring xD

Death Killer - hm well I've never heard of you like 50% of all the other people here

Feel-It - ive seen u like once or twice in the big convo's and you didnt talk that much

FuryBeKnown - hmmm preetttyyyy cool but not thhattt cool i guess (dont take it the wrong way. your just not my type)

GodBelow Jr. - He's pretty cool always on rune and has a nice attitude doesnt get all pissed when i threaten to hax him

Havik - ermm who are you?

Imortal K - welll your pretty cool from the 1 time i talked to you or something xD

JediKiller1 - Your cool almost always on ts or msn EXCEPT YOU CANT FRIGGON UNDERSTAND ME HAX

Kittara - Shes pwnage shes 1 of the 2 people other then me that is aloud to use my hax at anything! PWNAGE

Kittie - I'm awsome. - add my new email adress

StaticGirl - Static is the awsome shes the other person other then me and kittara that are aloud to use my hax at any
time! THE AWSOME! xD

KrunkJuice - ermm and you are who?

Lucian - ive talked to you like once or twice and you're a total jerk

Master Sos - when i first joined u were almost always on 2 weeks later you disapeared for a year (still hasnt returned???)

Mattman - hm I guess I would have to say your cool

Murderer - Murd I can't believe you still havent shared any of your crack with me! im insulted (nah your cool xD BUT I

MuyoMan - errrrrr havent talked to you well i have like twice

Satros - Hm, Well I pretty much am his slave except i do all the commanding so its like the other way around, but hes the
leader of war, so I can't disagree with to much since i wanna stay in war for atleast another year till i do something to get
myself kicked out sooo yea hes awesome but not awesome at the same time

Sleepy - er and who are you?

Swarainiz - hm hes awsome! xD

ThuGG - ThuGG ish cool xD not much more to say

Triclone - Triclone you're nearly on the cool meter keep trying but yet dont try

Venomblade - Venoommm ish funny at times but other times can sorta be annoying


Zaifos - Zaifos, is sorta cool to hang around with i guess i mean he has a sence of humor which is good

Zodiac - I've talked to you a few times, Can't say I know you that much but your a pretty cool guy

Kar - IS AWSOME! sure me and sat mess around with her head alot but its all part of the fun isnt it? but shes a good person and fun to be with i'm glad im her friend. oh wait am i?

If i missed any1 don't spaz please i have a headache

FYALZodiacWAR wrote:
Well This might get everyones attention or it may not but its the best way to find out, What does everyone think about you?

MOTHA FUCK THAT iam back niggah Mastersos-R.I.P. my dick

Master_Sos wrote:
MOTHA FUCK THAT iam back niggah Mastersos-R.I.P. my dick

omg your alive? xD hi

Yeah STILL gunna kill everyone

ill give you a week b4 you dissapear.

ill give him till now dammit

i hate you all
and yes im black

you hate all of us? even me kittie? O.O

sat makes gay. but we did smack some hoes wit pistols on gow so mehh
kittie h4x
um feel-it=group x member.
murd smokes
jedis name ..idk
tric= dirty asian but got into cov so gj you
stat=hates me??? oop nvm me and sat were the only ones to get smiley faces so i win
thugg=blunts yamean?
zod= YEE YEE
gbjr=owns me everyday
mattman. must i say anymore??
zai haven't seen u in yee time so hi
muyo=ganksta cow
swareenzeenaz= kthx for my admin back after bein attacked by Israelis
krunk=ass mmhh and what sat said

lolol smilies! highfive