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List of War's Games played

these are all the games war has played together in order

[Original War]
Halo: CE
America's Army
Unreal Tournament 2004
Age of Mythology
Xbox Live (orginal)
Rainbow Six

[Dead War Period]
GuildWars (Satros, Wick, Jon, Swar and Rogue all played)

[War Reborn]
Xbox Live (360)
Burnout Revenge
Gears of War
Ragnarok Online
Last Chaos
Command and Conquer 3

Game played most:
Rune Halls of Valhalla, played through all times (except for most of the dead war period)

just thought id look back on some war history.. good times.

Rune and guild wars are best up there,your 360 users suck anyway.

i played one of the firsts raimbow sixs in ps1 lol
it was a great game on this time. im playing CS online and rune now:P

fucking asians always wit ps3 even though it sux. ya burnout good times hehe i still didnt' get you back sat , and aegis wing. form UP YEE YEE. hitler, osama, fakeblackass, and mexican goood times

oooo we gotta play burnout again sumtime