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Last Chaos

me and kittie started playing this game, its good, and as of last night stat, murd and zaifos also play, so come join us, we even got a guild goin, has good grahpics and best of all its free

heres some sshots

before u say ur pc cant run it, and your name isnt venomblade, most computers can run this game, zai, kittie and stat can run it no prob, and me and murd can run it on max settings, system requirements are low

Downlaod here:;/fileinfo.html
Make an Account:

then once uve got it installed and logged in etc, join the sevrer Katar - 6 and join us

oh yeah heres our charnames, there self explanitory..


k k, i will see if i can run it, or maybe if i cant i could try it in another place

make sure u play aroudn with the options if ur having some trouble running it

oh my fucking god i was playin that game a few months ago and i tried to get you guys into it but now you start playin gawd i dont even feel like downloadin it again

all of the free mmorpg's get boreing pretty quick.

maybe ill download it, i havnt tried this one yet

havoc, u should try lineage2 , u and all here i played it like 2 years or 3 , now i get a little bored of it , but sometimes i play it. . one of the bests mmorpg games for me ,

HealingForYou ownz! xD

Selling magical atack minerals



all of the free mmorpg's get boreing pretty quick.

maybe ill download it, i havnt tried this one yet

ur welcome to join us if ya do havoc

and yeah all mmorpgs get boring sooner or later but for the time being it is pretty fun to all play together

I downloaded it, will get to playing soon

wow way to be so quick about leaving me out
hey maybe i could run it if i set all requirements to -10000 or lower idc. maybe yes, no? i hate u all. except thugg.

ill give it a go, im downloading it now.

and feel-it. i play wow, and even it gets boreing sometimes, ive played it for about 2 years

heh, will you all be playing in 56minutes and 49 seconds when its done downloading?

hey, im on.

the names Havvoc (yes, 2 V's)

Havoc, what server are you on for WoW?

Realm:kirin tor

Characters: main-faldon

ok names updates

HealingForYou (feel-it)

contact LordSatros some time if u wnana get added to the guild, although server is down for matenience nayways right now

eh, this game kinda sucks..

k i still cant play i gues.. ill give it a go anyway.

i think u need atleast 1ghz processor, maybe on ur daids comp tho