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Lambshack Is Back, And Has Been Moved!

Hey, guys! :) Lambshack is back! After being away from Rune for so long, I decided that Lambshack would be better served as an information blog rather than a typical forum-based website. So I have a new site. I always wanted Lambshack to be a Rune database, rather than a clan website, and it was transforming into a "SAC" clan site before it went down. I hated that. I just want Lambshack to be a Rune database, roleplaying game resource, and a source of lulz.

Anyway, Lambshack has transformed into a blog with a bunch of links to Rune sites, roleplaying games, webcomics, and postings of goofy animal videos. So take note that the site is no longer just about Rune any more. It's now half-Rune, and half "other stuff".

The url has changed, and here it is below. This time, the site is stable, and I shall continue to add links, Rune or otherwise. When searching for a list of Rune links on Lambshack, just scroll downward a bit, and you'll probably find what you're looking for. If anyone has any questions, has a new Rune link for me to add to the database, or notices any links that are dead or inert, please let me know. So.enjoy. :mellow: