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KT !! ( i know a few of you remember her ... )

also, lyrics:

wish i could say caught you
like mr holden caufield
holding on to you while im hiding in the rye
youre right, you were always right and im sorry
this is hard i always thought you'd be there at the end of my story
but im barely done the prologue
and youre already gone
you grew up without me suddenly youre up and on your own
with him, are you happy with him?
he makes me cringe, makes me fucking sick just talking about it
i hate him for stealing you away
i mean i hate him i despise him, i rage inside til i cry
but i cant do anything about it cause you love him
but if he were to ever
hurt you i swear he'd be at the bottom of the river
right where he belongs, im not wrong on this one
everyone agrees, everyone misses you
youre flowers, hes bees
its been harder than you can imagine
compared to this every heartbreak has been candy-coated
because you were my best friend through the thick and thin
you thickened my skin, never let me give up even when i wanted
or thought i needed to, i would not have survived
you always pulled me through
what do i do, how do i make you see
you need to come home, if you were to show up at my door
you know that i would drop everything just to help you
you could stay here,
fuck i miss you
do you remember back when i used to live with you
when we used to share your parents
blaring our music on your trampoline
scaring me, thinking i would break my neck if i fell off
remember that boy that you were gonna tell off
for me, but instead you bought a pie
threw it in his face because he hurt me
you said he deserved it
but this is worse than anything he ever said to me
you were, no you are, you are the greatest person
i believe you're still the same deep down in there somewhere
my intent is not to intrude or be rude
are you good with what you got yourself into
if you are then i guess i can leave you alone
but i just want you to know, until the end of forever
everything i owe, to you, you were my life
my life jacket you always kept me a-float
the only thing nearly as painful would be chuckinmo.

UPDATE. i wrote antoher rap for her. but its shorter. its like, a mini-rap. maybe i'll add more to it. but SO FAR.: