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Knight's Animal Lover and Appreciation Thread

Well this year I decided to take pictures when I got the chance when hunting so I am going to be posting them.  If you have any questions just ask tee hee.

I started taking these pictures end of summer/fall to the last day of deer.

This year I was able to hunt on a few golf courses and they pay 10$ per skunk and let you go around on golf carts with makeshift lights we rigged up for them to use in the dark.

All fur takers comes in October and because I helped with skunk problems I was allowed to hunt on a bunch of courses and fields this year for deer as well. Raccoon pelts are worth a few bucks but are pretty fun to hunt (with or without dogs) didn't use dogs this year though.

First day of small game me, my brother, and my buddy got a bunch of squirrels, doves and such but

Also Clydesdales

First day of pheasant my phone died after I took this picture. Snow hunting is about the best time to go out sucks that it didn't snow during deer this year.

Got a fox though kicked him up ran right past us stopped about 30 feet away and I dropped him and got a picture when we went for dinner. Reminder visibility sucked.

Day before deer went to scope my 30-06 in for stand hunting at one of the courses.

Entire first week I didn't get shit (only allowed to shoot buck three points on one side minimum) went I was sitting in stand let so many smaller bucks and doe by.

Spent the entire second week pushing deer and a button buck charged me after one of the doe ran onto a road and got macked by a car going 50+ and went towards me dropped it with my 30-30 winchester.

Last day of deer and we were all to the point of if it's not orange shoot it and one of my buddies got this monster.

My brother got this small eight point just before dusk last day.

Here's how we roll.

My brother gutting his buck.

My button buck about to be quartered cats love venison.

Cutting that meats.

Making delicious ground venison.

First of four, which was more that I expected. I fucking hate hand cranks.

Cleaning the guns I used for hunting this year spent like 12 hours on it disassembled  everyone completely was pretty kawaii.

The current hunting family after my mid year clean. Front to back: 12gauge pump, 30-30 lever, .22 semi (for birds that try and shit on our cars), .22 bolt, .17 bolt, 30-06 bolt.

The life and times of a Pennsylvanian.

I needs me one of them there winchesters so i can sit on my front porch in my rockin chair and just say YUPerr all day

I <3 this thread.

Love and appreciation, huh?

Lucian wrote:
Love and appreciation, huh?

You sassin' boi?

I don't care about the deer But something seems morally wrong with shooting a fox.

Furryforever wrote:
I don't care about the deer But something seems morally wrong with shooting a fox.


I also hunt and have killed porcupines, bobcats, wolfs, coyotes, and feral dogs and cats which with dogs you can kill at your own digression if attacking big game or cats (not in pa yet) for attacking squirrels and wild birds.

Also all tagged licensed kills and without people like me with nothing better to do you'd seen more cranbrook deer (, raccoon ( and dead pets.