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was on gw, and these random people started talking to me, dunno why i was even on guildwars, i hate that game lol

all my friends either play WoW or GW.

dont ever play either lol

WoW is better than GW,but thanks to Rune i dont play it near as much as i used to lol.


How do you hate gw? i love it

id i played it sicne liek the alpha it just got really repetative for me, eventualyl it felt liek work and not fun you know?

Meh, I still like WoW more, GW was kinda too boring for me

gw is boring and wow is liek crack n ull never see ur frands again(for most people)

that why i dont play either lol

where r the pictures?

broke link

yeah i know what you mean sat, but ive tried WoW and its boring for me, i guess its just the kind of gamer ?

Carbas wrote:
i guess its just the kind of gamer ?

Yea, probably

way to open up a year old topic llololkllollolololollollololol

sad face.