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im leaving again be back in november for like 3 weeks then ill probably be gone till feburary or july.. dunno why so dont ask but yea >.> <.<

and please dont:
Kill Eachother
Do something stupid (well more stupid then usual)
Steal my hax (only static gets to hax)
Forget about me :'(
Kill Satros (MY JOB ONLY)
Ask why and where im going

=D thxkbye

P.S: Im not leaving till tomorrow but i dunno if ill be able to come on.. kbye

Yea yea, get the fuck out

lol, anger

cya kittay have fun going to tha place far far away, where the tuna come out to play and the kittie litter is fresh

Bye Kittie, you jerk -.- your mean you didnt let me move to Taiwan with you

wow why u leavin shawty?

Byee kittiee :'(

nooo!!!!! kittie dont leave.. :'(

Wow, Thats a suprise Murd cares about kittie? since when

wtf who is kittie???

Isn't kittie the black one?

no thats me.

Jedi wrote:
Isn't kittie the black one?

ohhh right now i remember

take it chill kittie

buh bye