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Kar has nuts

So i was eating some trailmix today and i looked down to see that it was KAR'S trailmix lol then i stopped eating it

LoL so you were eating Kars nuts in a bowl, i hope it was no homo


i have my own website and everything o.O damn. that makes my nuts more popular than yours. =P

your nuts are good, i love putting them all the way in my mouth and running my tongue over them licking off the salty taste

uhhno homo

uhm.. gross?

i lol'd at that one

kar i love to take your nuts and toss them in the air and watch as each one miss my mouth completely and smack me in the face.over.and over untill i finally fulfill my dream of having your nuts fill my cheeks and i get to swish them around in my mouth untill the saltiness goes away..and then repeat

no homo

ofc thats no homo. i am your wife. >_<