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Just wanted to let you know.

Me and murd aren't friends anymore. After the following conversation

How come you never talk to me when your on xbawks
Murd 10 min later:
i dont know maybe cuz i am busy doing something
murd signs off

WORD FOR WORD! (ok maybe not but I closed the convo on accident. It went something like that.)

I was seriously speechless.


oh ok

hes obviously working for the bees.

aw =(

why not friends anymore i was seriously busy i had no time to talk at all, kinda hard to talk when i hav bullets flying at my face

what ??  bees! flying at your face Murd?


LMAO @ osidius' pic =P

that man is the king of the BEES

I don't like the smell of this..

this thread is full of little BEEESSSS