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Just stoping by to say hello

Long time no talk {{WAR}} how u guys been and whats been goign on with the guild , its been great to see new people in clan , iam going to start playing Rune again soon when i can fix it but been busy with WoW and School. Thats pretty much it , jsut wondering if Thugg / Sat still play ?

SOS!! long time no see where ya been man. and welcome back
and yes sat/thugg still play as well as EVERY1 else!!, cept bhaal lol
its venomblade btw

hey man hows it goin

yeah me n thugg still paly, we evern have our own fast TR server

which remidns me i gotta send that money lol

anyways nice hearing from ya

hi lol
i?ve never talked with u but nice to see u