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so, they took it off the market in canada (again), ive been in the states like almost two weeks and i still have not found any >___O gas stations and convenience stores and grocery stores and pretty much every store i can find that sells energy drinks/soft drinks, I CANT FIND ANY JOLT.

you guys have tried it right? its pretty fantastic. anyway. for all you americans, who live here, and are familiar with.. shopping here.. where can i get ittttt??? Oo ive searched high and low but i cant find ANY and its making me very upset, i was planning on stocking up and bringing like 258723094814873843 cans back to canada with me. <_<

what stores do you guys sell jolt in?? O__O

no jolt =  :rage:

jolt sucks.

its at walmart but mainly biglots because it sucks and they always have overstock.

are you talking about the energy drink? because thheres only like 1 gas station in my town that has it..  i was gettin so pissed looking for it one day! It isnt very popular :(

besides NOS is better!!!!!

isn't Jolt cola from the 1980's?

Oh that's right, the 80's came to canada in the late 90's  :troll:

satros: YOU suck. >.<

knight: =D thank youu, am going to wal-mart.!!

ambalamps: does that say 'resented'? why? o.O

static: i knowww its so hard to find now O_O atleast its still legal to sell here >_O here as in, the states. but yes, nos is pretty amazing too. but. i miss jolt T_T

nossida: redbull is disgusting. DISGUSTING.

cj_guns: lmao. jolt was in canada in the 80s, but then it got banned, then it came back a few years ago, now its banned again. X____x

Jolt is awesome :)

Red Bull > Looks like pee, tastes like yoghurt

[quote author=Kar'Rina link=topic=3209.msg39903#msg39903 date=1282265381]
ambalamps: does that say 'presented by the black people'? why? o.O

that hand is not black enough.

I drank two jolts once (the big like 16 oz. cans). I thought I was gonna die.

TheFinisher wrote:
I drank two jolts once (the big like 16 oz. cans). I thought I was gonna die.

From being gay  :troll:

Satros wrote:

TheFinisher wrote:
I drank two jolts once (the big like 16 oz. cans). I thought I was gonna die.

From being gay  :troll:


lmao the first time i ever drank it, was like grade 9, and i didnt even drink coffee then or soft drinks or anything, i pretty much never had caffiene. and then i drank like almost 2 cans (they only had one size, the huge ones XD) and we were walking back from 7-11 and i was soo hyper omg. but. then on the way home i started crashing really hard and we ended up just laying on some rocks for like half an hour because we didnt have enough energy to continue walking home :P

exactly jolt sucks, try bawls.

KT and liz used to just drink that because of the name of it. X_< i dont remember what it tastes like though. i remember drinking LOST a few times. it kinda tastes like candy/cough syrup/energy drinks. mixed together. i wasnt crazy about it but liz was addicted to it for a while..

im pretty sure you were just drinking cough syrup mixed with sweet drinks.

lost was good it didn't taste like cough syrup tho lol monster amp & sobe energy ftw