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Jessi Slaughter (Statutorily) Raepd?

You all know the story of Jessi Slaughter, right?

11 yr. old girl addresses haters
/b/ attacks
Gurl cries
Dad gets mad
Win win

Unknown wrote:
According to Jessi’s mom, Dianne Leonheardt, in addition to the prank calls placed after her phone number was spread on the internet, the family began receiving death threats. Because of this, Gawker reported on the evening of July 18th that Jessi had been placed under police protection soon after the video went viral. The local sheriff has begun a criminal investigation into this calls and a court has ordered her to stay off the internet until at least July 21st. In addition, the family is currently under constant police surveillance.

/b/ made death threats, fucked with her computer, etc.
Police are watching over the family and she hasn't been allowed to access the internet under a court order.
Parents might go to jail, but I can't find what for.

There are like 5 new memes produced from this one video:

Now the lead singer of her favorite band apparently had sex with her.. :plsgo:
Da fuck.. wrote:
Dahvie Vanity (Blood on the Dance Floor) has been charged with rape for the 2nd time, this time with recent viral video star Jessi Slaughter.

What does shrill dance techno have in common with a humorous internet video of a crying 11 year old girl on YouTube? A lot, according to reports surfacing this week about Dahvie Vanity (real name David Jesus Torres) - music “artist”, 25 years old and front man of popular electronic act Blood on the Dance Floor.

Bleacher has received numerous anecdotal reports as well as confirmed records from a previous offense dating back to September of last year in which Torres was charged with a 1st degree felony for statutory rape of an unnamed 16 year old girl residing in San Diego, CA.

This would perhaps be little to no news until earlier this week a video of a crying 11 year old went viral on the video sharing website YouTube, gathering over 2 million views in less than 5 days. In all the commotion surrounding what seemed to be an innocent episode of preteen angst, it was revealed that Jessi (an 11 year old girl) and star of this video had recently been involved in a relationship with Dahvie Vanity who is now being charged with a 2nd statutory rape charge this time with Jessi. Rumor turned into evidence, evidence turned into a police report and Jessi was put into protective police custody immediately as a case is being built against Vanity.

Details are still coming in at this time and we will update this article as they surface. It has been confirmed by Blood on the Dancefloor’s management that they will be canceling all upcoming tour dates in preparation for what may be a long and drawn out court case in which consequences may never be the same.


I stayed up all night to watch that. Quite the disappointment.
But /b/ was crazy.
New Sticky:

Lulwut wrote:
"I just want it to kind of like turn positive," [Jessi] said. "And I kind of do like the attention but I don't like so much negative attention."

As for the content of the video, "I don't want to see that going on anymore and I have talked about it. She is going to start getting some counseling," Leonhardt said.

Once her story hit the message boards of 4chan, an infamous and anonymous network Web savvy users, the threats against Jessi started coming fast and furious. Members of Anonymous, a group linked to 4chan, quickly joined in as did users of the like-minded site Tumblr.

They posted her full name, address and home phone numbers and death threats began rolling in.

Jessi said she feels safe in her home, but fears what might happen to her out in public.

Marion County Sheriff's Office spokesman Judge Cochran confirmed today that detectives there were investigating the entire situation to look for evidence of cyberbulling and cyber-stalking.

Authorities got involved he said after a series of phone calls and e-mails were made some of them "from some other time zone," Cochran said, warning detectives that a young girl was possibly being exploited online.
(In other words, moralfags calling in and emailing warning cyber police that 11 yr. old was to be bullied. lulz).

At 12:01 on July 16, police went to the Leonhardts' home, but Cochran said, they did not remove Jessi from the home or place her under police protection.

Her video, as well as a follow up video in which her father rages against her bullies, have been seen by millions. There is even a remix that blends her rants with a Justin Beiber song.
"This is from her father. You bunch of lying, no good punks," he said, raging into the webcam. "And I know who it's coming from because I back traced it .And you've been reported to cyber police and the state police."

In an exclusive interview today with "Good Morning America" Gene Leonhardt said he was only trying to protect his little girl.

"As a father, I was just trying to support my daughter and get people to stop hating," Gene Leonhardt said.

"If we had the evidence that someone has made a threat to a child in Marion County, we'll start pursuing suspects," he said.

Police also investigated and quickly dismissed other claims made to them that Gene Leonhardt was molesting his daughter, an accusation that made him cry.

"I don't really get along with people from school that much," she said. "They don't like me because they see me and they think I'm weird."
But Jessi, whose account has since been removed at Stickam, insists she's not too young for this kind of activity.

"I think age doesn't really matter," she said. "It's the person him or herself and how they deal with that."

But she still is only 11. She likes music and can play a little bit of guitar. She dreams of a career styling hair and makeup and maybe learning how to do body piercings.

Jessi told "Good Morning America" that she was sent to a mental health facility when authorities believed she might be suicidal. She insisted that she wouldn't kill herself, but said she could understand how someone could be pushed over the edge.

"I think that's completely wrong that people would taunt people to some degree that they would actually kill themselves over it," she said. "And that's actually completely wrong and whoever is doing it should be locked away for a really long time."

Also this

He has such a beautiful voice with meaningful lyrics. How could you NOT have sex with him when you're 11-?

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end dance was good as well


her dad needs to cancel their internet.

I have recordings of her in a tinychat 08/03/10 with her dad saying stuff too. But you can barely understand it. They're both screaming and the microphone is shit. Her dad actually doesn't spoil her all that much from the sound of it, she's just a stuck-up snotty bitch.

LOL ohh dear. woww.

and, a clothing line? lol wtf how is she gonna do that?

His song dedicated to Jessi  :lolface:


Jefree Tranny Star wrote:
I'm gonna speak the truth til I die. We saw @botdfmusic Dahvie bring under age girls to his hotel rooms an do sexual things. 100% ILLEGAL.

i like his voice.