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Jersey Shore fanfic

Chapter 1.

I worked out at the gym all day long preparing for the night to come. It was a Friday night, Me and my boyz were goin out, gettin shitfaced and fucking mad pussy tonite. As we entered the club, hair gelled, chains out, tans ready, we felt the beat of DJ Storm tare through the club. But first me and my boyz headed to the bar to get mad fucked up. 5 Heinikens and 2 Jager bombs later we were ready to hit the floor and fist pump our cocks off.

We entered the floor; walking through the crowd of people, fist pumping as the beat builds, tension rising. Suddenly the beat explodes and me and my boyz fist pump like we've never pumped before (not even at the gym). During this I happened to spill half my brew on some bro. He got up in my face but my boyz stepped up including mah nigga Ronnie-gunz(the most jacked of my boyz) and the bitch backed off real quick. Then I saw her frolicking across the floor towards me. She looked like a 100% Italian angel. Her skin like an orangeish bronze goddess, her poof was perfect, her was attitude dumb arrogant and bitchy. Jus' my type. Before I knew it. WE were frolicking and everyone had their eyes on us, until the point, we were basically jus' fuckin on the dance floor.

After dancing and fist pumping for 3 hours straight, we decided to take a break and head to the bar for a few Jagerbombs. "Yo broski 2 jagerbombs!" I said. She told me her name was Snooki, when she said her name it was the same feeling I got the first time I listened to Tiesto. She then told me she was on the hit t.v. show Jersey Shore. She then whispered like a drunken angel with an attitude problem "yo your muscles and bronze tan is hott, want to get out of here?" I quickly replied "Ye". We then left the club and made out in the cab. Soon enough we were back to my crib about ta fuck like a pack of wild bores fucking another pack of wild bores. I put on 'Satisfaction' on full volume, showered myself in axe, and chugged a protein shake to get in the mood. and then. John was a zombie.


who r  u?

i pray this is a joke.
and seems like this guy has some fruit in his loop

whatthe fuck?


whats up bro, you look like you know how to tear up the club like wildd

Sounds like my kind of tool

SaDosi wrote:
i pray this is a joke.
and seems like this guy has some fruit in his loop

yOus A JoKe niGGa iLL kNocK thA taStE RiGhT ouTtA YA mOuTh MaH dUDEaN WTF u tAlkIN BouT FrUiTlOOPS niG??! AnY tImE yA wAnNa Go!

Rose wrote:
Sounds like my kind of tool

Sorry babe but I only like tan 100% Italian bitches.

looks at the avatar pic um yea case closed ;)

omfg, he's actually pretty funny!
permission to lame his ass back to italy?

Hahahahahahah ahahaha
this is adorable! haaaaa