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Japanese Sword vs Bullet.


lmao at the racist vocal dub they did for him but still pretty gangsta now the gangs will be usin swords and stuff to do street fights

yeah it wuld be badass if you could just deflect bullets as people shoot at you

Deflect this motha fucka!
;D ;D ;D

haha not ment to reflect giant armor pericing shots of rape

Only kind I use, so looks like I win.


its all a hoax!

A western sword ( Cruciform type, double edge) would have lasted longer, and i quote from urbandictionary:

"The big misconception between european swords and japanese swords are their cutting ability. Japanese swords will usually outperform european swords on the same level as far as cutting light things like clothing, mats, people, etc. However, european swords can take more of a beating and can usually hold their edges better."

again, i shall reinforce my legendary preaching
1 edge = FAIL!
2 edges = WIN!