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IRC anyone?

how would you guys feel about us getting an irc channel? =o

irc = internet relay chat, its kinda like a chatroom or something.. i used to be SO addicted to it.. o_O

anyway, itd be fun xD instead of posting something and having to wait for someone to post back and then check it later.. we could talk in one place. (and its easier than huge conversations in msn. plus who has those anymore anyway?)

so yeah, just throwing it out there, i think it might be fun =P

No fuckin way! It's gay as hell

=O irc is NOT gay >< its fun! i love it. and im not gay <<

anyone other than lucian have an opinion? =P

i could add a chatroom to the forums, you would click a link and it would take you to chatroom page

yeahh. that would be really cool, you should do that =)

i feel like no one would go in it though, maybe i would have to add a whose online list so people would know when to go in there

yeah that would work. yes please ^^

ohh its yahoo here yah

chat roomss??

nooo theyre cool and fun =P


well.. not.. JUST for sex i mean, im pretty sure there are other things we could do o.O its worth a try though right? worse case scenario: sex =P

Cyber Bees VS Sex Chat

i fail
fuck you guys

cyber bees o_O OHNOES.

oh speaking of bees. i actually saw that clip from whickerman yesterday xD the bees part. LOL. thats fucking awful =P