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Inverted or Normal

When playing video games do you perfer to play inverted or normal?

  • Normal (53.85%, 7 Votes)
  • Inverted (46.15%, 6 Votes)
Number of votes: 13


IDK im confused

inverted sounds cooler becuase like.. paint makes inverted picture the sex..


Inverted, always.

And Stat, he means in games, do you have it so pushing forward makes you look up (normal) or down (inverted)

Wth? Inverted is fuckin gay >.<

oh yeah he explained that to me.. still my answer is the same inverted pwns

Normal ftw


Inverted is ghey


wow didnt think it would be 50/50 thought it sould be like satros/rest lol

it depends cuz if you get used to playin inverted its cool then when you switch back to normal your like BLAKJLAJKLDJLDF WTF IS UP WIT THIS then you get used to normal and try inverted and your like BKLJALDAJKLJLDF WTF IS UP WIT THIS so it kinda balances out but im more comfortable with normal already know cuzz

wtf is this thread about what is this invert you all speak of


lol, Thugg has it. First game I ever played besides NES games was a flight game. Guess how the controls are on those? I got used to it, and by now can't play normal, ever.

sadosi its when on a controler(or mouse) you move the controller/mouse up to look down and down to look up