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Im thinking about buy a 360

ok guys im gonna need all the help i can get lol, i know i should probably trade in my ps3, but i dont know what the trade in value is, an di also know that the video game stores ripp you of with trade ins anyways can you guys tell me all the specs on the different xboxes and what the pros and cons are, and maybe how they compare to the ps3? And would it really matter which xbox i get?And how exactly odo i play xbox live? do i use my linksys adapter, or would i use the wireless xbox 360 wireless adapter? Everything i get is probably gonna be on the budget of my trade in values of my 6 ps3 games and system like maybe like 50 bucks of my own cash lol, and the little money my dad is gonna give me. So plz guys id really appreciate the help.

K tric listen up.
Xbox 360 core system- Comes wit console, wired controller, 1 month xbl gold free, and some cables. i think its like maybe $249 it used to be 300

Xbox 360 Premimum, Comes wit console, 20 gb, hard drive, wireless controller, 1 month xbl gold , some cables and headset. I think its now like $349. used to be 400

Xbox 360 Elite $449. Comes wit console 120 gb hard driver, black wireless controller, 1 month xbl gold, HD cables, black headset

pros of xbox
-xbox live (freindslist,messaging,windows live messenger, voice chat
-marketplace(download videos of games,tv shows,movies,trailers etc, gamer pics and themes, arcade games, demos of all games)
-interface, the xbox "dashboard" is very userfriendly and customizable
-titles such as halo 3, gears of war etc
-media and all that crap(music, videos, etc, i think ps3 has the same)
-xbox arcade(when u dont feel like playing some hardcore game with crazy grahpics, u can jsut play a nice arcade game)
-u get to play with me,wick,muyo,ven and jedi lol

cons of xbox
-not as powerful as ps3, but then again, no games yet have really hit the full potential of either systems, and it probly will be awhile till they do
-xbox live costs 60 bux a year, which is more than ps3's online (free),when u think of it tho thats only $5 a month or the price of 1 game a year

now if i was you i would try to sell ur PS3 on ebay or sumthing for between 550 and 450 bux(as long as it works good and isnt scratchedo r anything liek that), and ur games for liek 10 or 20 less than their retail value

also, your linksys adapter should work

hmmm well i just talked to my bro for like 2 hours, and i think im gonna wait on the ps3 a little bit more. Because i mean it just came out and nobody really has it yet, and eventually especially with warhawk coming out, which comes with free blue tooth mic, which is how you talk on the ps3 and warhark, which is a ps3 only title btw it might be a big turning point for ps3 online. I also have a shit load of ps2 games, and i gave my slim ps2 to my bro so he can bring it on the aircraft carrier hes getting deployed on, so ill have no way of playing them later, and seeing the hastle of selling everything, it just seems better to stick with the ps3. And ps3 has a built in blu-ray and even though xbox has lots of add-ons, i gaurentee that within a year or two, the ps3 will have them too. The only thing i see better in the xbox is that i get to play with you guys and like 15 of my rl friends, but i wont be able to play the ps3 only titles such as dynasty warriors, kingdom hearts, god of war, and Final Fantasy. So yeah im just gonna stick with the ps3, so sorry for asking, but i was just really torn between the two, they are both really great systems, and with technology going so fast, even if i bought the elite, within a year theres probably gonna be something better lol.

ps3 sux as of now who knows wheter it'll get better

xbl is 50 a year not 60
and wont Kh3 come out on ps2 too?

it cant do anything but get better.


I did alot of research myself


the only thing the PS3 has going for it is the 7 processors. thats just fucking crazy, but anyways. The 360 is more fun/better series games/EVERYONES DOING IT!!!1/aegis wing.


if you dont have your xbox right beside your modem there is a way to get live. What i did was i took that standard Ethernet cable they give you, plug it into the back of your PC in an empty Ethernet port, right click on your actice internet connection>properties> and enable file sharing.. whever your PC is on you xbox live will be online also.

well the ps3's kickass series just havent come out yet lol, i mean how long has the xbox been out? and the ps3? exactly.

ps3 sux