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Im getting old :(

so this morning when i was combing my beard.i found this hair.i thought it was lent so i tried to pull it outbut it wouldnt come outand then i realized.that it was.a gray hair..IM ONLY 17 SOMEBODY FIX THIS

and now i r sad

edit: so you can all call me gramps now :(

i have gray hair on my balls lol

ChRoNiC wrote:
i have gray hair on my balls lol
LAWL ew gross

hey. does this make me a cougar of some sort? o_O

also, dear chronic, pics or it didnt happen.

Kar wrote:
hey. does this make me a cougar of some sort? o_O

also, dear chronic, pics or it didnt happen.

sorry :P

pfffft. private message them? =D

hairless ftw!


Poor Thugg, age might affect your bike stealing skills

I know I'm not as old as you but I was thinking about my life and how it's gone the other dayI realize I am starting to get older.

I realized that I actually have a brilliant childhood, something that is now so far in the past that it almost seems like it didn't happen, or in another lifetime. I'm starting to forget different details, faces, memories that had seemed so close before are now distant.

I have been on this planet for roughly 10,159,200 minutes, I could have listened to Beethoven's Fifth Symphony 338,640 times by now. Every second I have been here, new humans have been born, even the first second after I was.

It really puts it into perspective.

RIP THAT somofabitch out fool

we motals are nouthing more than shadows and dust!!

ohh and to cheer you up you got that gey hair on your beard from poping a zit stress in that area coused it . . . .who woulda thunk!!

hmmmm i think it was from a zitYOUR ON TO SOMETHING OSI


lmfao i feel even older now thx stat

:P that men are just for beards? that shouldnt make you feel old =S you said yourself something about looking like a kid when theres no beard

gawd i guess me and stat are the only ones who understand each others subliminal jokes.

no kar just for men hair dye

all my pubes are white.

beards are just for men*

ohhhhhhhhh. HAIR DYE. i get it.

and no, whta if a woman wanted to dye her hiar grey? =P

and satros: all of them? o.o oh my.

Meh, I once found a grey hair in my beard like a year ago.