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im back

back from being mauled and then hailed by a dozen of younger boy and girl cousins (im the oldest)

every 10 seconds they would be like "GET STEVEN!!!!!!1" and id be mauled
or one would start going "HAIL STEVEN!" then they wuld all join in >.< back from that

{{WaR}}Satros{{WaR}} says:
Staticgirl {{WaR}} So it begins.. says:
{{WaR}}Satros{{WaR}} says:
after 45 mins of reading posts such as "RACISTS!" and "YOUR MOM" ive finnally gotten caught up on everything that has happened to war in the last 5 days

aww your back? damn i was just starting to have fun

go away u punk, u wont even talk to me

searches sats garbage O RLY? your back? . hehe!

Welcome back sat.. despite what all these nobs say.. we missed you.

pfft. no we didnt.

kidnaps sat and drags him to canada he's all yours, stat.

hauls her fatass to canada and drags sat back to michigan hmmmm what to doo now =B I have so many ideas.

stop being communist bastards and let the guy go so he can have some sweeet butt/goatseks!!!!!!

buncha doorknobs >.>

woot welcome back SAtros lets pwn some bitches in GOW
and POOP

Sup everyone.. just thought id come back to the forums after a busy work / school year. I am only taking two classes this semester and have time to play rune again.

welcome backkk

thanks chronic , appreciate it man!

Master_Sos wrote:
thanks chronic , appreciate it man!

anything, anyday, anytime.


fag :wacko: