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If you could be burried to one song....

If you could be burried to one song. what would it be?

what meaningful song about life that you like would make people think about you and reflect n such?

i would want to be burried to this song:

Staralfur by Sigur Ros

(ignore the ghey video)

its 'deep and meaningful', and the fact that its in a different (quasi-made up) language makes you 'interperate' it how you choose

I dunnooo but i love this song Its from one of my favorite movies :] Acctually ANY of the songs from the soundtrack of this movie could go with ittt

Its got a good slow begginning and endd, but its got a nice uprise in itt..
My friend had passed away and some friends had showed me this song, and it always just made me think about how life starts out slow n sometimes hard, but theres always an uprise, and we should celebrate the uprises during the downtimes, includeing death No sense in being sad about what has happened always have to look at the good.. otherwise how can you succeed?

It would probably be Behemoth - Spellcraft And Heathendon, but the newer version from their Demonica compilation.
I've met in surrounding me nature
Spirits and deities wielding the element
In a field, in a forest, in rocks and caves
and I won their goodwill with sacrifices
Horses carried me to the skies
White, beautiful steeds beloved
I was attacking brushwood violently
I touched motherland

PERCUS! Magic circles and black stones
PERCUS! Forest spells and damned souls
PERCUS! I find worship in you
They will return, dance like fire, as before
They will return, to the trees
to the forest of mine to the kingdom!

The thunderer demons
guards of sacred spot
during those cold nights
they found peace and consolation

Between the gates of Pomeranian kingdom of magic
They will reign again the thrones of mighty fatherland!

I rediscover their power and charm
To defeat like a sorcerer
Like thousand years ago
oaken castles from millennium before
They will rise once againas a sign

lucian is gunna have a viking funeral i can tell

either Elliott Smith's Twilight-

or Elliott Smith's Miss Misery-

i can see it now

"and now we will play a song requested by mr.wicked to be played at his funeral from the original halo wars soundtrack." bows head

thats a good. song i want to to be buried to that

justin_wakins2002 wrote:

thats a good. song i want to to be buried to that

awesome song dude

thanks bPORR

well all the apostles-they're sitting in swings
saying "i'd sell off my savior for a set of new rings
and some sandles with the style of straps that cling best to the era"
so all of the businessers in their unlimited
hell where they buy and they sell and they sell all their
trash to each other but they're sick of it all
and they're bankrupt on selling
and all of the angels
they'd sell off yer soul for a set of new wings and anything gold
they remember
the people they loved their old friends
and i've seen through'em all seen through'em all and seen through most everything
all the people you knew were the actors
all the people you knew were the actors
well, i'll go to college and i'll learn some big words
and i'll talk real loud
goddamn right i'll be heard
you'll remember all the guys that said all those big words he must've
learned in college
and it took a long time
i came clean with myself
i come clean out of love with my lover
i still love her
loved her more when she used to be sober and i was kinder

Yeah, whut?!