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I was Bored

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I was really bored in my World History, Biology, German and English class so i wrote this story.
Don't say nothing like "omfg that never happened" or "wtf that doesnt exist" stfu

A GoW Story

<pre> Prologue Before the Storm </pre>

"Luitenant dris, Sir!"
"At ease. Private" Dris replied, "Whats your name rookie?"
"Marcus Dross, Sir! but my friends call me Drifter!"
"Drifter eh?" he replied, " Welcome to basic, heres the run down"
Dris lifted up a gun that looked very menacing, the Lancer
"This is your primary weapon, got a saw on the bottom just in case,"
"Holdsplenty of ammo, and if you run out"
Dris lifted up a small pistol, the Snub
"Single fire, One zoom on the scope"
Dris handed both weapons to Drifter, who in turn saluted, and he put the pistol on his right hip and held the other gun in his hands.
"Now point and shoot at the targets, rookie"
The first target flew up before he could turn and his shots missed by a second as it fell back diwn, the second target took seven rounds to the chest and the third took four to the head.
"Good, Good, your a natural"
"I've assigned you to beta squad, now head out for the briefing."
Drifter stepped out of the firing range and took the halls to the mission briefing room. Opening the door, he sat and listend kindof.
"Now, this" the officer said clicking the slideshow, "is a locust, the main enemy infantry, usually carry a burst firing weapon, this, " the slideshow clicked again, " is an emergence hole, they can come out of pretty much anywhere but can easily be closed. These bastards are smart, so use cover, and don't get shot, cause if you do, you'l die, now move out!"

Act 1: Chapter 1
Fresh Outta' Basic

Stepping his foot onto the helicopter's rails, he climbed in and sat in the only open seat.
"Hey, new guy, your in for one hell of a fight."
"Shutup Jackson," said on of them, " I'm Davis, you know Dris, and this asshole is seargent Jackson"
"Awsome, I'm Dross, but call me Drifter"
"Sounds like some kinda' kids name, rookie" Jackson stated as he tapped the pilot's seat twice and the helicopter roared to life. Drifter checked his weapons and they were headed out. He wondered what would happen on his first mission.
After a half hour flight they heard gunafire and an explosion.
"LZ is hot, no time to land, go,go,go!"
Drifter leapt out, rolling to a stop as the others followed one by one in formation.
"Get in there and clear out those troikas, the other squad needs some space." the radio barked into their ears.
"Rollout" (don't say nothing about autobots people)
Jackson held point, Dris nd Drifter on their respective sides, with davis to the rear, they swept the area and approached the large door.
"Davis break formation and rip this door! We'll cover." (don't say anything about "where's jack" or "marcus gets jack to do it")
Devis turned and slammed his left side into the door just past the center. He pulled out his cutter and he stopped halfway through the lock.
"Do it"
He cut the door and rolled to his left just as gunfire rained on his position.
The squad returned fire and even Drifter got a kill for himself.
"They know were here now, be careful"
They approached a hallway with a long corridor and two doors.
"Jackson throw up a scanner" (just pretend its a UAV)
The locations of humanoid beings pinged on their on-weapon radar. Four left, seven right, and two straight ahead. Dris crept up and approached the right door and banged on the wall. The first locust to appear got slapped with a frag and pushed back, which was followed by and explosion and locust blood.
"Down, NOW"
The squad ducked right as a rain of bullets flew overhead/ The two straight ahead rushed straight for the squad and jumped over the cover. Davis and Dris used the Lancer's saw to mow them down.
"Better then wasting ammo" Jackson said spitting on one of them. Jackson turned and took a round in the shoulder.
"Aw, shit, someone get me a bandage"
"Get to Jackson, Drifter"
He jumped over his cover and slammed his side into the cover beside Jackson. He wrapped the bandage tightly and blind fired back at the last four locusts. He got a lucky shot and got one between the eyes.
"Frag out!"
The spinning grenade landed beside a locust. He grabbed it and threw it at Drifter, who kicked it midair as far as he could. The explosion threw a broken pillar into the three locusts.
"Hell yea!" Drifter said while motioning to advance forward.
Once again they continued on up a set of stairs and approached an elecator. Drifter stepped in first, and the others followed in line.
"This elevator music kills"
"Shut up, Jackson"
They saw something run across the front of the elevator"
"What the fuck?"
One of the wretches fell from the top of the shaft and broke through the elevator's roof. It crawled along the walls like a spider before it leapt onto Drifter and knocked him over. Dris shot it in the back of the head with his Snub pistol.
"Don't look up guys"
They all looked up.
"Holy Shit!"
The entire squad unloaded a combined total of twnety magazines, 80 rounds per, each into all the wretches above them.
Jackson shot the speaker on the way out.
"Intel says we've got one floor to go"
"Stay vertical, Wretches could be anywhere"
They advanced towards a square courtyard. They saw crushed and mangled bodies of an entire squad and large footprints.
"Hope whatever did this won't find us"
"True that"
Dris sighed, "Grab the ammo, get the tags too."
They trudged on and approached the roof's staircase.
"Check ammo, Stay frosty"
Jackson changed his bandage and took the first step.

If you guys liked this, I've got a whole 6 more chaptersand I did a guild wars one last yearstfu i get bored ALOT

omfg that never happened
rofl jk
i havent "understand" (?) all tha words but isnt a bad part of story

Feel-it wrote:
omfg that never happened
rofl jk
i havent "understand" (?) all tha words but isnt a bad part of story

understood (past tense) or you could use i didnt understand (present tense)


i miss gears of war.. lol

K guys im out 4yrs out and done wit school so stop

Added Chapter 1

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