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I remeber back in the day when...

Hehe here is a thread so we can reminess on the good ole days tell your story here, heres mine

Spring 7th grade, 13 yrs of age i recieve rune in a burned disk from the my dad's work partner's daughter

at first i play around in my own server, no1 comes and i think i need to kill the lizards in Blood of the Trickster (lmao), then i was liek wtf thsi si gay..but i keep palying a bit more the first server i entered was -=ROV=-Excailaber, ill never forget this, i had no idea to play i figured out how to type but i didnt udnerstand how to get weps out n shit, so i asked for help and -=ROV=-Slingblade answered me, he thaght me the basics and showed me what rune is all about. He taught me how to chnage wep, how to set my controls which to this day resemble ( ie left click attack right click jump), he taught me how to spin but most of all he taught me what cool people played rune, i loved hanging out with sling it was always alot of fun. i was hooked hehe, the next day i made the name after Saturos from the game golden sun ( only i spelt it wrong >.< )Satros cus sling told me Ragnar is a bad name lol. I was soon a regular on the sevrer i played alot in Excailber and the ROV sevrer that was 1 on 1 arena with MUA torches, i rember palying with sling and nazgul alot in my earliy days

i started to shift away from rov sevrers after i learned how to set up a server, i loved the many creations and weapon addons from rune players hehe, i also loved admin ( i played admin alot ) omg building houses! those were the days hehe. Early june 7th grade, summer of 2003 is when i met Staticgirl who had also been runnign a popular admin noob sevrer. Throughout the summer i played on statics server aswell as my own, i rmeber i would run a rpg liek admin sevrer, some people were gods, some where villagers ( we played on seaside) some where police etc, i remeber making Doalin and Cambrano police officers ehehe, fun time, TERMINATOR aka SYTHEST was also a regular on my sevrer back then, i think he was a god .

During the summer i also played a ton of arena, i played with many people regularly, such as KOD BONEBREAKER, THE ENTIRE WFU CLAN (i lvoed there arena maps), HICKS, xNSx//JEF and xNS//Forgottenone.. these were fun times.

Near the end of the summer and early fall i played on Staticgirls sevrer almost always, , at the time Shadowgod was like my rune brother eheh, i also set up a clan called -(SeT)- with shadow and some other people such as Rachel(ROV guroob and some1 elses lil sister), the clan did not go far. September i played even more on statics sevrer, nearly everynight we would play headball/admin/arena hehe, we tried setting a nother clan {KoA}, died very quickly..

EARLY OCTOBER, 2003, 8th grade.
This is a important time, this is the dawn of {{WaR}}.
Shadowgod was the first to join my new clanStatic soon followed.
As i tried to look for some new recruits,i saw one sevrer, it was run by some on by the name of STALKER, (Today we know him as WICK) , i soon would play on his sevrer, another regular on his sevrer and a freind of Stalker was a guy by the name of MATTMAN, the same we all know and love . I rember Stalker would always give these bs stories about how he was driving drunk and crashed his gf's car, so he bought her a puppy..lmao.
Stalker was the next memebr of {{WaR}}.

As i ventured through the rune sevrers i became especaily fond of one sevrer with a unique group of regulars, the [WHY!] Clan sevrer, tr racing.

This is when i first met ThuGG. Another great and long time member of war.
He was the Next to join.
A week later a WaR explosion had seemed to go off in the WHY sevrer. Nearly everyone in the sevrer was in WaR for a couple days, this soon passed how ever when a new Clan became popular( made by MASTER SOS i believe) and war nearly lost all these members, ThuGG how ever stayed loyal.

Christmas neared, i got my own compuer along with Halo, at the time war had its own Proboard forums hehe..
I started up a HALO division of war clan.

A went on a Recruiting phase. a Day after i would recruit another great in WaR history. JON would join war, followed by another a couple weeks later known as MOJO.

WaR would play Halo alot.. but with a steady balance of RUNE.

We would play CTF all day, war clan members at the time included STALKER, ME, MOJO, JON

We soon recruited many more WaRs that would become greats

and Xtreme included.

Rogue joined, Jon became leader of Halo Division
These include the time we would cram up the base hehe

At the same time as all this was happening in HALO, DM was forming,

Static came back for awhile during January, i rmeber playing admin with her again on a snowday along with member SHARPCHEDDER

Late Feb WaR faced clans such as DM and RoK.
During these CWS WaR included such members as

Static also got me into RuneScape at his time, i played with her alot, soon many members of WaR began to play, These times include when halo memebr Xtreme would always get lost, forming the ancient war clan joke about him..

iOn came back to rune during this time, he would play on hsi castle and has a nice clan
his clan died in spring

He soon began to hang around with us WaRs,me and iOn became pretty good freinds

iOn soon joined war and became part of the family.
At this time me and thugg had become fond of JetBoom, however eventualy he turned gay again
I still had his Admin at the time and me and iOn went in and erased his MKPA server(which was very poplar at the time) and all accounts, OWNED

Late Spring- 2004

COV Guild formed ( i think)
WaR Castle # 1, the famous war clan map would begin construction with iOn in WaR and because he lost his castle map, I , Satros, started to construct one for war.

The summer of 2004 was when WaR would flourish and eventually decline.

This was an awsome summer, KITTARA and LUCIAN( at the time INVISIBLE KILLER or KITA 666) would join WaR's rune division.

Swarainiz wanted to join too however i believed we never got around to letting him in.

WaR clan had alot of fun during this summer, all the halo members that were still around had Rune now and played on the castle mpa with us nearly every night.

The Forums also were very active during this time..

However all this ended soon.. In august i went away for 2 weeks, at this time war exploded, when i had returned Rogue and Jon had left the clan, the boards were full of Spam.. mostly from mojo, wick and lucian saying

QUESADILLA! QUESADILLA! pages and pages lol

i fixed things but war had been weekeaned, we had began to decline, the remiainder of August i spent mainly playing on the COV sevrer and playing at rRoV sweetleaf with ThuGG and PuertoRican Beauty.

Eventualy a couple days befor september, 2003, i ended WaR clan and join COV. this marks the end of the First WaR.

god dman thats alot lmao.. and thats only about a year and a half wow, well ill write more later..

Hey u forgot a popular clan that was there for awhile KYM they used to have one of the best in that clan Floofy aka malichi him and zodiac used to go at it back in the days to see who will overcome on the tr server as the best but still malichi had that lol. Canniblechainsaw was the #1 malichi #2 zodiac #3, but now rusty i guess when u havnt played in so long u lose touch cuase i can kick zodiacs ass allday lol but eveysince the day i met him at this CPU internet gaming club center first i didnt know he was zodiac but now he still dont know that i was one of his CREATION from his DL (DeathLords) clan. My name was GOTHIKA so now he knows if he reads this and im pretty sure he'll be shocked. ok theres alil information

WOW i didnt know this shit you for real and damn u know all that information the history shit I feel old know i dont remember that much omg.

hehe took me a long time to rember and put all these random times i rmeber into order lol

rofl i rember many years ago when i was Terminator hahaha

btw how old was is this game

hehe i remember the day i came over to your house zod and you were sittin there playin it and you were on snowball mod with some other guy and i was like OMG OOOOOOOOH NEW GAME I GOTTA PLAY and you showed me your controls and stuff and i was the best nooby player in tha world then you copied it and gave me a copy and showed me how to set it up at my house and all of a sudden i couldnt let this game go its like crack..and then there was tr and a man they call ANDER AlexANDER

awwww family bonding togethere lol thats so cute


btw this game came out in 2000

demo released 1999

wow 6 yrs and still the shit

thugg yeah i also remember those time we played over at my house on the wireless network and made history of liking this game so much those was the days.