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I just got into [DMI]

i just got in,and i never realized how good they were with shields.

congrats and welcome to [DMI] and yeah they are good with shields Decrepit and Tinman are teh h4x oh and now its your turn feel it

go you

yeahh =P
gj triclone

I wan toyu to get in too Feel lol.

yeah feel it you loser get with the program

k , tell me how i get it

and, triclone give me ur msn

ya wtf DMI seksy
Curse and tinman are my 2 personal ball holders.
u gotta love em

good job man you got in

ya K now all u gotta do is get in cov
ill be routin for ya. and fightin ya .

ok your both bastard retarded pickle children.And Venomblade is a bastard because he stole K from DMI,and then K is a bastard for uhhh letting himself go to cov.As long as you know you made a huge mistake K im jk lol cov is a great clan.

hehe thx so is DMI

yeah dmi and cov are both cool

but what it really comes down to is that WAR IS NUMBA ONE BITCHES


uhhhh.mmm.uhhcoughs Im just kidding im with you guys 4 life! lol.


i was gonna comment something cool but i have to shit now so bye

lol whoops looks like i stole another one from dmi cough feel cough it
gawd im catching something. YAAMEAN?

hmm i pictured feel it going to rey not cov but wutever gawd ven your wanna be smokin ass (like murd) stole another from dmi

god damn cOv.When Nem makes his own clan which he might,i am going to be the only active DMI damn itso why are you guys ditching me like this?