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I have sad, sad, news.

Well, i just got finished adding the ultimate weapon in Rp-Towns ( The Great Edge , a huge battlesword )
and saved the map, i closed down rune-ed and somehow i get an error report, rune ed did not respond.
then rune ed closed down, and im said, " Son of a fucking bitch! i bet my map is fucked over now. "
and it was. i saved the Great Edge sword under the file/package name Edge, and when i try to play the map in rune,
it says cant find file for package 'Edge'
so i quit rune and open up the systems folder and think, WTF. WHERE THE FUCK IS EDGE?
how my edge got deleted i know not, i saved everything before i turned Rune-Ed off.
Houston, We are fucked.

But on a lighter note, my other shit survived, Rp-TownsV2 survived,
and i plan on adding my custom weps to V2 and just call it quits for the rp-towns series.
those custom weps are the Claymore,Buckler ( shield ) and BastardSword.


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