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How do i fix..

well yeah, i got an extreme prob here with rp-towns.
in the beginning area, ya know the whole lake, well i jumped in it ingame, and the water wasnt even water lolz,
so i flew above and around my lake..and well from above theres a rip/mirror/tear/glitch thingy, when you look at it everything turns white and blurs. i got my waterzone thingy under the water sheet/textureso there should be no prob there.god damn its shit like this that makes me stop production. i mean its worthless to go on with it now if its having that big of problem.

the best way is trying to move it, or simply deleting the brush that has the tare, and re adding it

thanks sat, i'll try that when i get home from school.

If tears are still there after you readd the brush in the exact same spot, zoom in all the way on one edge and disable grid and move it one thing over and it should unnoticeably cover the gap/tear

ell, after alot of trouble shooting and re addaing water textures, i figured out it wasnt the water.
then it must be the bridge! they were crappy bidges anyways, narrow and woody, so i deleted those and replaced with imperial-ish stone bridges.

my next things to do to get the final version of rp-towns finished is:
Decorate the houses even better,
make the dungeons more confusing/maze like, especially the Castle Dungeon and the Catacombs.
Add hidden pieces of food and small runes about.
Finish the 2nd forest of eternal night and decorate Sadoku's( Sadosi if you guys dont pay attention) haunted manor.
get the geometry/rooms down for the rp-towns Capitol city.
Get the geometry/rooms down for the Einlanzer Rescue quest/Dwarf Fort area.
and then Decorate em.


Yeah, i believe this is the largest rune map ever to possibly exist, 6 cities, 4 castles/forts, 8 dungeons and 2 nightzones! Now thats 20 different places to explore and hunt down every last Demon, this map is just gonna be epic when its finally done. now it just makes me wonder, how far ive gone from just 3 simple towns to this huge of a map.
After this project is done im probably gonna do some mappin' for Deus Ex, and for that game my next project will be themed off of Evil Dead.

careful dont make it too big .. i made war castle too big and it died

Satros wrote:
careful dont make it too big .. i made war castle too big and it died


lmao wtf

uhh what happens when you make it too big ?

idk but the bigger you make it the more bugs that happen, there 2 factors with this, 1 if the buildings n stuff are all in 1 area and thier are no closings (like a big castle or village map), and 2, computer size, the largest ive seen a map is about 10,000kb war castle was fairly big but everntualy it just broke and no1 could join, only play alone, other maps may just erupt in bsp holes (the rips/tares), so yeah, try not to make it TOO big, remeber there is a limit to rune Ed..

ok good, the map is 7.52 mb, hopefully not too much.

well just got done with the Castle Dungeon area, its now got two more rooms.
One room has a pentagram with a tome like thingy and some dead person on top of the pentagram, the other room houses two sarcophagi and a rune of lesser power, i also put burning inverted crosses around, and following them will get you to the dungeon boss quicker besides wandering around the dungeon aimlessly.