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Highschool Characters

Im making my term of weird and cool "characters" in highschool life. Feel free to post your own, if they are good enough ill add them to the main post. All of these are based off of real people i know/hate.

if you find yourself below, you are "THAT guy"

You bring in a cup of coffee to school everyday because you think it makes you look "college" and your arsenal of clothing is mainly composed of fucking H&M scarves, french hats, and ballot slippers. Your extremely liberal and consistantly hang out at the local coffee shop and discuss politics or smoke weed. YOU ARE THE FRENCHHAT GIRL.

You are a creepy asian kid who does not speak english well, you scare everyone around you and have weird and crazy veiws on politics. You are often told by teachers and other staff to stop touching girls whom you make feel extremely awkward, espeically, with your infatuation with their feet. YOU ARE THE AWKWARD ASIAN.

You walk through the hallways waterjug, that is a whole gallon of water, in your hand. When you take a drink from your waterjug, there is no dignified or quiet way to do it. Nothing can satisfy your extreme thirst! YOU ARE THE WATERJUGGER.

You have your hair spiked out in all directions in a blowout because you think it looks badass, you wear tight abercrombie and armani clothes because you think it makes you look muscular, even though you have never done a push up in your life. Your hobbies include driving fast backwards on the wrong side of the road in front of Satros' house, making up stories about how drunk you were, and making up fake gangs and talking shit although you have never faught anything. When you speak you sound like you have a dick in your mouth and you often go and talk about "clubbin" and enjoy glowsticking to italian techno and lil wayne. YOU ARE THE GUIDO.

You act and talk exactly like a guido, only you dont have even an ounce of Italian in you. You are probalby Albanian, German or perhaps even Indian but still mimic the real guidos because you have no freinds and want people to like you. YOU ARE THE NAZERI GUIDO.

You are incredibly independent from any common trains of thought, you dont care what anyone thinks and are your own person. In your free time you enjoy practicing your guitar with your band as well as downloading your favorite tunes off Rhapsody or some other music downloading service that no one uses. When you arnt doing those things your on Xbox360 playing games like LOST PLANET or perhaps on your N64 playing old games like Conkers Bad Furday. YOU ARE THE INDIE KID.

Your an emo who is also a drummer in marching band, you must have ear buds in your ear all time playing music like Atreyu because you think it makes extremely badass and evil when in fact you arn't badass or evil, your in fucking marching band, you arn't a badass ,stop trying, your black emo hoodie has a marching band emblem on it for gods sake. You won't participate in gym class, even if you can't graduate highschool because of it, you simply think your too "cool" to participate, instead you sit there listening to Atreyu somemore. YOU ARE THE MARCHING BAND EMO

You mostly wear black, possibly fat, in 2-3 years when your a senior you may evolve into the FRENCHHAT GIRL, you love anime and frequently draw your own. You spend your time not watching anime reading manga, saying how cute the male characters are as the graphically have butt sex together throughout the pages. Your lifetime goal is to be turn into a cat and sometimes wear cat ears and tails to school. YOU ARE THE ANIME GIRL.

You are a whiney faggot who thinks highschool is the hardest thing in the world, no one else understands the horrible pain your life in highschool is, except perhaps, the millions of other kids who also are in highschool. As a result of not being able to coupe with the harsh easyness of highschool life you often threaten and stage events to scare people but 98% of the time you won't go through it, perhaps because you realize your a pussy and life isn't that hard. YOU ARE THE COLUMBINE FAG.

You wear only clothes by the brand Famous, you think your really a hardcore gangster/skateboarder rebel but actually your neither. You arn't a gangster, your white, you arnt a rebelious skateboarder because everyone knows famous is the fail of skateboarding stuff, and you most likely have never stepped on a skateboard in your life. You spend your time potraying yourself as a gangster skateboarder and messing up the famous section of Zumiez. YOU ARE THE FAMOUS KID.

Your an emo who wears all black, thinks life is super hard, and is hard to distinguish as either male or female. You spend all your days after school listening to your favorite crappy emo bands and then memorizing lyrics which you think relate to your life. Once you find a significate lyric that captures your mood you enjoy posting snipplets of those meaningful FalloutBoy lyrics on your myspace. YOU ARE THE LYRIC EMO.

Your a girl who ALWAYS seems to be injured. Everytime your seen your limping through the hallways with crutches and a broken leg, or struggling to get your bookbag on with a broken arm. JUST FUCKING HEAL ALREADY, ITS BEEN YEARS. YOU ARE THE INJURED GIRL.

Your a guy and ever since you were a young child you have enjoyed wearing dresses and playing dolls with the girls. Now your in highschool and your only friends are fat girls with speech inpediments. You like wearing tight clothes and belts are ALWAYS fabulous, you talk with a gay lisp and walk like a female model but your ugly overweight girlfriend never notices these things. YOU ARE THE GTWHS!

You wear cowboy clothes and walk around school with cowboy hats on pretending you can kick everyones ass while you make a horse trailer in metal shop. Everyone laughs at you because your wranglers a.k.a nutt huggers are so tight that there is next to zero circulation to your balls and or penis. You chew grass like you are John Wayne and drive a truck with an unnecessary amount of lights on it for hunting that you don't do. You get a box of beef jerkey shaped in a circle like tobaco and stick it in your back pocket so it makes a circle as if you actually did dip, when in fact you don't. YOU ARE THE TEXAS KICKER.

You are sick, you have a runny nose everytime its quiet and people are trying to concentrate on the test their taking, despite this reoccuring habit you NEVER EVER have a fucking tissue with you and continue sniffling every second driving your classmates into complete insanity. YOU ARE THE SNIFFLER!

You are the cousin character to the sniffler, you do not have a lunch period because you took too many classes and as a result you eat your lunch in class behind the ear of a poor soul. During the period when its quiet you constantly reach into a brown paper bag in your bookbag to pull out things to consume loudly as the ruffling from your hand reaching into the bag echos across the silent room driving the kid infront of you to want to rip off his own ears. YOU ARE THE RUFFLER.

You are a freshman that is about 4 feet tall and wears "gangster" hoodies your mother bought you from the mall. You think you are incredibly badass now that your in highschool and that all the seniors think your cool even though they think your a faggot. You walk oddly, slightly limping with your arms out in front of you because you saw 50 cent doing it on MTV one time. When you arn't walking like you have a dick up your ass and looking at peoples waist lines cause your short as fuck, your at home laughing and reciting your favorite Carlos Mencia jokes because you find him hilarious and saying "dee dee dee" to impress your other freshmen buddies. YOU ARE THE TRYING TOO HARD FRESHMAN.

You are a senior and you wear a jacket from the brand NorthFace allday sometimes. You suddenly are a NorthFace Enthusiest and often quote on the comfort and reliableness of a NorthFace coat even though Satros has worn a NorthFace jacket since 11th grade. You are all following his lead for he has been noted as the starter of this trend. YOU ARE THE NORTHFACE JACKETEER.

Your goal in life is to be as orange as possible, you tan everyday because you think it makes you incredibly hot when really you look like a carrot. YOU ARE THE ORANGER!

You have a job and all you ever have to talk about is work. Every story you have is about something that happened at work or someone at work. Seriously, no one cares, stop talking about work. If more than one EMPOLYED STORYTELLER who works at the same location is gathered in one area a WORK-STORY-TORNADO(W.S.T.) may form in which multiple stories about work are thrown back and forth between the 2 or more employed, casting any not employed out causing them to be extremely bored and awkward feeling. YOU ARE THE EMPLOYED STORYTELLER.

You are the kid who always has his bookbag on no matter what, you sit in your desk with it on your back, you wont take it off for god knows what reason, perhaps you thinks it makes you look cool or maybe you have extreme back-sweat problems, whatever the reason may be, YOU ARE THE KNAPSACKER!

Your in marching band and your more hardcore about it than anything else in the world. Your ready to march to hell and back if thats whats called for. Your hobbies include talking about marching band, hanging out in the band lobby, parcticing for marching band, and marching band. The band lobby is your home and the only place you feel safe, you often eat your lunch there instead of the cafeteria and one day will most likely have your wedding there. YOU ARE THE MARCHING BAND HERETIC!

Your a kid who is on the lacrosse team and you have the need to bring your lacrosse stick with you EVERYWHERE, especialy when its completely unecessary. Your often found in packs walking around school with your lacrosse sticks swirling them around like its cool waiting for lacrosse practice to start. YOU ARE THE LACROSSE MONKEY.

You are obsessed with motocross and have been since middleschool, you where all FOX clothes and sometimes wear yours motocross riding gear to school for fun. Other hobbies of yours include talking about car,motors,go-karts, anything that moves..YOU ARE THE MOTOCROSS MANIAC!

You always wear shorts. Factors like the temperature, time, weather, etc, dont effect your dress code, nope, you wear shorts everyday of your life, even if it causes you to freeze, which you will then proceed to bitch about the fact that your coldwhile wearing shorts in the middle of winterBUY A PAIR OF FUCKING PANTS!!!! YOU ARE THE STUBORN SHORTS-WEARER!

Your a senior and for some reason the only place your seen no matter what time of the day is in the parkinglot in a herd, or perhaps playing frisbee. You don't have anything better to do with your life than hang out in a highschool parking lot all day and throwing the frisbee around like a bad ass. One day your gunna be playing frisbee and get hit..YOU ARE THE PARKINGLOT RAT!


added the "marching band emo"

add the GEMO
which is emo person with emo hair but wears gangsta clothes
theres a lot

sounds more like a FAMOUS kid which ill add later

Marching band emo is my favourite.

Atreyu sucks btw.

Jedi wrote:
Marching band emo is my favourite.

Atreyu sucks btw.

lulz yeah "OMG THERE SO METAL!" bitches dont know the meaning of metal

marching band emos crack me up, i have some in my gym class every year

dont forget to add the ever annoying popular jock/tough guy who thinks he can beat everyone's ass but his theory was proven wrong by Cecil.

oh yeah dont forget the Narutard/animefag.
also the annoying offense rumour an example,
Rumour person: You see that guy in the trenchcoat?
Dude: Yeah.
Rumour Person: Hes a nazi!

HAHAHa cecil!!
u proved him wrong
yea add the Asian anime fags

The Intimidating Militaristic guy/Cecil
Now these fellas are often seen wearing trenchcoats, tall boots, well they wear military surplus store shit just to get to the point. they are often heard talking about wacky and wild shit, usually from ED, ya know, shitting dick nipples kinda things.
often usually incorrect rumours are spread about these types, like they are negro haters or neo nazis, or affilitated with some kind of hate group.
although they fall into two categories
The 'Cecil'
A nice guy, although tends to stick to the shadows. those that know him speak of his great deeds, although many shudder and quiet in fear or awe as he moves through the hallway with some kind of supernatural speed. his normal pace seems
to be faster than the normal pace of others, Jesus Freaks ( another group ) claim him to be a demon, although these accusations are mildy false, for the Cecil does enjoy occult studies and perhaps fools the people with his magic?
he seems to also enjoy brining up things like burning down churches, and how he fought in the battle of 1458, which again scares people, for dat shit happenedlike 600 years ago. liek wtf m8 is he a highlander? ( well possibly he owns many swords and guns so yeah that accusation might be correct)

The Columbine Fag
Now these guys are just all out faggots. they worship two hapless kids, who killed innocent fucks. They seem to threaten to stage events like columbine but 98% of them dont follow through, perhaps for the though of an uncertain afterlife. they are usually depressing, and the Cecils usually have a disdain of their depressing nature, and the cecils do hate being compared with them if not put in the same group.

The Jesus Freak
These are the people that the Cecils love to hate and taunt, often in hopes of making their faith start to diminish and squander. the jesus freaks usually always talk of jesus, and get pissy if you say no when they ask you will you come to church, and when they see your new in town and havent seen you in a church yet. although one of Cecil's plans is to Sex out the Chirstians, pretty much beat them by out breeding them. so probably if a Cecil becomes president hes gonna put into effect a law sorta like a Prima Nocta.
Good ways to piss of these guys are as follows:
Look up at the sky and say, " No god."
Yell, " Hail Satan!"
Wear Pagan/Satanic Jewelry as opposed to crosses
Always spell the word 'Christian' as 'Kirishitan'
draw pictures of Jesus being 'Owned' by jews or pagan romans
Threaten to burn down churches, rape the women, slaughter the children and men, and desecrate holy stuff ( like digging up the grave of a saint, smashing crosses, pissing on crucifixes, masturbating in the holy water, the list goes on! )
byt be forewarned on the aformentioned statement, for actually burning downa church is not considered arsonry, it is a HATECRIME, for which you gain extra lulz points and applaudes and payment from Cecil if you do so. ( maybe a bail, too.)
also, constantly bring up the topic of how christians are weak and pathetic, that which they really are, always begging for forgiveness.

is looking as cecil with mad face

Cecil wrote:
talking about wacky and wild shit, usually from THE CHANS BECAUSE ED IS A WIKI OF THE CHANS, ya know, shitting dick nipples kinda things


updated and added anime girl, famous kid, and columbine fag

The unpopular kid
This is you. If you are reading this you are unpopular. Kill yourself. Fag.


I am not any of those?

laughs at cecil

I don't fit in any of those groups. Guess your gunna have to make an Awesome group.
Except im the only member so everyone else is jealous.


idk about awsome thoughlulz

**> Your lifetime goal is to be turn into a cat and sometimes wear cat ears and tails to school. YOU ARE THE ANIME GIRL.

**I dont do that but uhm you know I like manga, i've acctually written a few of my own but seriously the cat stuff errr I'm here with the name 'Kittie' reading that xD lol >.> just pointing that out, but the fat part at the beginning =O that's offensive

well not are all fat god, obviously your asian, and its illegal for asians to be fat UNLESS there sumo wrestlers god