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so uh.. was the sex good with that .. 31 year old eh? eh?! ;]]

wick "im a girl"
mech "im probly twice your age"
wick "im 24 ;]]"

later after wick left

mech "dude is she hot"
me "dude shes so friggon hot"


o_O what?

wickslept with a 31 year old guy??

does laura know? >.> cause she'll beat him up. both of them. she beats people up for sleeping with wick is covered in bruises =(

YA he did! he was a hot girl.. i guess

wicks a hot girl?

or the other guy was a hot girl?

or mayybe they had hot lesbian seks.

lmao wow
WOOT KAR!!!!!!!

naaah. just wick.. i dont know.. i could only listen to sat talking.. laughing at me because it sounded like i was moaning.. ((..he liked it..)) lol was funny though..

k u were moaning, me n wick are sitting there and u werel ike "eehh eeeeaahh" lolol

Was not! stop telling everyone your fantasies!! you scareing the noobs.