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i am back finally i will be on a lot more now since a lot of shit happened i have been occupied some really really bad things happened but it is getting better so what is new with everyone else?

hey stollin, welcome back

thank you very much and again, i m sorry, just a lot of things happened, if need be i will tell just let me know but anyways what is new with you? or anyone

hey stollin welcome bak, idk that much, but its good to see u bak

thank you murd feels good to be back

Hiya Stollin! Welcome back buddy! =D

Stollin likes using dots in his replies. lol

i do damnit!!! lol anyways.. hahaha. DOTS!!!! . lol

can we just like let this guy is war . k ur in gj you love u.
wb stollin glad things have been goin better

so am i so what is up with you venom?

hmmm??? lol dunno murd smokes? tric is still on schedule to be RUA'ed?

Gute Morgen Auf Weidersehen!!! lol

no i haven't been to today thanks for reminding me

i dont know u but hi and welcome back

thank you i do remember playing rune with you yesterday? idk anyways.. thanks


Say it, and you have learned Hebrew..

since we seem to be talking in.. fucked up languages..

evah a ecin yad!!!!!

omg stat ur banned u jew, JEW