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Hellgate: London

this may be an interesting turn for the war clanif people would like to get into it.butttttttttt i need to try it out 1st before i recommend it i heard it was fun and cool.ima try the demo tonight and if i like it ill buy it the next day

it looked awsome until i saw game play

then looked really boring and basically like wow but with some futuristic armor and grey skys

i think its p2p too not sure tho

shouldnt this be in the games section?

Kitellia wrote:
shouldnt this be in the games section?

Shouldn't you not be here?xO

I'm only here cause i happen to have this game ..

well where ever it belongs who cares.kittie how is it and is it p2p as sat said? if so fuck it

Well, yea you need to buy a CD and all that extra crap so yea its p2p and its fun for like the first 30 seconds then you get bored and never play it again

you know what i meanlmao monthly payments like wow

yea i know what you mean


for bills or the game?

It's like runescape. You can play for free or pay extra for extra stuff.

BILLS LIKE WOW???~?~?~? ZOMG SUCH AN EASY QUESTION can i go to the storebuy the gamebring it home and play online without registering to play with monthly installments of 15$ ya know?

ok.. thank u

jedi, do us all a favour and never refer to runescape ever again?

Well kittie do you know any other games that have a system like that besides RS and HG:L?

Yes, of corse i do theres MapleStory! and Gunbound! lol duh

last chaos..

yatried itdissappointed.. ><

I thought maplestory was free