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i wanna wish every1 a HAPPY KWANZAA/BOXING DAY, which is tommarow!

happy December holidays to aLL!.

Happy kwanza THUGG!

LMAO wtf racism! lolol

lol racism..u wish

yeah. cause apparently satros celebrates kwanaza.

oh. i mean, im sorry, NOT satros. thats his slave name. his REAL name is Ynaknarkaru Makganarokanu Soaototoaaoaodsjsbo.

rolls eyes

Prince Habeeboo ^^

loool, habeeboo? are you talking about sat? >.>

lol ya its from the movie wit adam sandler.. CLICK
but ya i don tthink hes prince ^^


hows that racist? sat is the most racist of us all. cause hes making fun of black ppl by pretending he is one, and while hes doing that hes making fun of white ppl even tho he is one. =S

  • bombs world * racist.

great. wayyy to go everyone. because of your stupid racism, sythest bombed the world.

btw, sythest, you suck. =P

what do i suck? you pervert.

lol! not like that! you have a dirty mind, so YOUR the pervert. gawd

what!?!? your the one telling me to suck stuff you online molester!

o_O how dare you!

your just covering up the fact that your actually a psycho rapist!! >_<