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Happy Bday!! yarg

Yo sat even though your still on vacation im the sexiest of the bunch so happy 17th bday bang one of your 5000 lithuanian hoes and have a good one almighty leader.

Happy birthday Ya boob

Happy b-day you homeless piece of shit!

Happy birthday great warlord of war!!!

you ruined it

wow gj tric..

Oh god it's like the cries of a thousand emos cutting themselves. Good going tric.

wow WOW way to say happy bday to our leader jedi now YOU RUINED IT

lmao,you cant ruin a happy birthday topic by saying happy birthday and it just so happens to be our leader.Dumbnutz,and jedi your gay and everybody hates emos! Accept it.

.. wow tric
"it just so happens to be our leader".
he is a he. black people have feelings too

no they dont,because if they did,they would stop randomly shooting white people for their money,and asians just because they are posers.

I shot an Asian once. It was fun. Happy b-day Sat.

Happy birthday sat.. i Hope you die

see tric jedis wit it. shooting asians is fun yamean?

sadly you can never hit us because we either disappear into the shadows using nija skills or catch the bullet with martial arts.

yarg you got me there,but ill think of something. its not like were having a discussoin completely irrelevent to the topic title??

TWA ITS SATWOSES BURFDAY ill pay for the extra goats

kthx appreciated

Well I would like use my Jedi Killing skills and use force choke on you.

wtf ?