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Halo 3 ARG

Is anyone else following the Halo 3 ARG? Here's an overview of the whole thing. Today might be the most important day. AdjutantReflex (AR) is gone. The new AR has taken over. All websites in the 206.16.223 range expire tonight. I think tonight we will find out the meaning of the new AR's avatar. What do you guys think about all this? Check out this thread for other theories and info.

only been following it alittle bit, keep us updated

btw whats a AR?

I was searching through the Halo Wiki and I found this article about the forerunners that might prove that humans are the forerunners. Forerunner hand.

In the top right corner it says REF#070507. July 5th, 2007. I think this might be when server 02 opens.

On this page before it turned to the server there was a temporary page containing a code that could be entered. When it was the first 100 people to visit the page could play this audio message.
This is also worth watching.

Satros wrote:
btw whats a AR?

AR is Adjutant Reflex. ARG is an alternate reality game.

I'll update this post as I find new info

If you open up Slide Ref in note pad in the top line it says "SEM of Streptococcus pyrogens bacteria,causes sore throat x2,000" It led a lot of people on bungie forums to conclude that the flood virus is mutated form of Streptococcus pyrogens.