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Greetings old villians

So i was bored as hell looking through torrents and ended up finding Rune lol. I downloaded installed and was disapointed when i saw that gamespy shut down their master server.. Assholes ! So i went on to download a patch from humanhead and it fking worked. LOL i am on a dead game 20 years later. Howdy!

Miss You all ThuGG, zodiac (thuggs bro ) ,Sat, Kat, and those lithuanian crazy fkers. What is going on guys


Hey man, its been a long time, how are you?

We must be on the same wave length cause we've been playing Rune from time to time lately, I even set up 8 servers for WaR. Do you have steam by the way? Were all on there ->

I think ThuGG just finished College, he said he would be around more and down for Rune. We NEED to all have a TR Racing sesh some time.

DUDE !!! Sat :d nice to see you post man so good to hear from you. I have been great i cannot complain, i am also finished with college in 2 weeks after my last final. I am completing a major in Psychology with minor in Biology and applying to nursing schools. I been doing a lot of clinical care with disabled people for work and been gaming like usual obviously. I am so down for Rune ! although i installed it, i have a few version mismatches for some DM arena maps and TR bullet proof 3 lol always a problem with rune never 100%. let me know when you want to do a Tr sesh i am down! Additionally, do i need to pay for steam?

You don't have to pay for steam but I think it restricts your account with some things until you spend atleast $5. They do have a "new" version of Rune (v1.10) on there though which lets you join any type of servers (v1.01 to 1.08). Steam is a good program for games though.

If you PM me your FB or something I can add you on there too, a lot of us are on FB. is my facebook :d

acee777 or is my steam ID now too. I play under the name RUSKIE.CYKA