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Grand Theft Auto: San Andreas

So yeah, me, wick and jedi have the game, were gunan play online and shit, if u want to play with us and be gangsters i got a download link for the full game here it is


once you get that extract and run the set up, this will pop up,

let it run,it will take along long time to install but yeah, jsut install while ur sleeping or sumthing

once you do that go to
and download the multiplayer client, install that and we can play

fine.. ill join IF i can sometime this year xD

oh that helps posting a corrupt file..and cant u use filefront or something? megashares is annoying

Fuck megashares, put it on filefront you nub

yea FILEFRONT is what people use cause it acctually works

k.. 4 hr upload time..

k updated with a filefront link.. hopefully this 1 isnt corrupted again..

Nah ill pass on GTA

niceee, maybe i will be there to lag u all

I'll be there for sure.

hye that first link didnt work for me. good going guys now i wont be able to play it for like another weekend.

same here link no worky

If you'd stop gaying it we wouldnt have this problem!

must have been removed, il lreuplaod later

kk thanks.

will be done uploading in 3 hrs (6pm est)

k its uploaded again, download away!

kthanks, dont stop playing too soon k?

i quit now, triclones downloading

Download it faster.. God.. stupid newbs