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hahahahaha lol,many of you may think this odd,but i think its cool that i saw that it said that was viewing our forum lol. Febuary 8 8:30 in Arizona when it happened

ya actually that is pretty cool.

lol, visits the forum a couple times a day, its built into the forum or sumthing lol, jsut a bot that gatheres search info

HM WHEN i go 2 cov forums or somewhre else google is always a guest there.

ya i seen as a guest here alot, i just never though about it lol

BUILT INTO FORUM! GETS SEARCH INFO! lolol god u guys dont lsiten i ought to slap u all upside the head wit mah gat

Idiots, you can find google on many forums

Gosh sorryyou mean assholes.

lol nah it wasnt u, it was every1 who followed my post telling people what it was lolol