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Good Game Noobs!

lol pwnt jk gg


but seriously, very nice. Were you on during the Rune Christmas night?

lmao syth get a life
and when i get a new comp then we'll fight

lmao yeah i love rune

and stfu lol i was just outside on my trampoline for a hour. lol

i dont think i was, maybe. lol

and okay venom, ill still woop u then

lol we'll see
those games wit 10 people on screen u did so good cuz u must hav good comp lol 10 on screen on my comp udont even wanna c it

hahah suuure

but really i have realy good unknown dwarf work sword and axe techniques that almost always work.

hah the dws i can get u ^^
but its that fricking dba lol

Lol dont worry once i seriously play you in dws you'll be like What in the hell!?!?

and axe i dont even gonna worry, ill always rape u in that

RIGHT! wit dws
but ya axe FU!!!!

lol keep talken and ill just obliterate you

psh right
but ya that rov thingy works
but not gainsts u sometimes cuz u do it 2

lol thats because im the master!!

wow, killer scores man. nice! keep it up

lol i own you both with dws gg

haha thugg u wish

only sometimes thugg hehe
so funny when i get ur head off and ur like

gj u beat venom at noobleaf

lmfao noobleaf??!?!?!?

lol stfu sat gimme ur gameboy and an ethernet then we'll c who's better ^^