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Give me a Week and a half....

i messed up can some one delete this?

Damnit i deleted the wrong one! >.<

u can jsut edit this post lol

anyways thats friggon awsome man war sevrer will own all
imma be on the sevrer 24/7 hehe

lol what about your school sat?

are u just gonna say fuck that and go play rune? lol


Satros wrote:


hell yea dude, its going to be alot of fun for the {{WaR}} community

wtf. i looked at nei and they dont support rune anymore it seems..

Hey where can we download all the war maps

that we run on our sevrer?

Yeahhhh Boy.. Btw sat i havent been on cause i recently purchased a new cpu
Heres the link.. what u noobs think ?

Get an Alienware comp then u can have something to brag about

shh syth its a nice pc, allienware are a waste of mulaa

Master_Sos wrote:
Yeahhhh Boy.. Btw sat i havent been on cause i recently purchased a new cpu
Heres the link.. what u noobs think ?

anywyas nice pc sos, im sure it will run fast hehe (atleast way faster than ur old 1)

i think the one u got is the same(or simular) as the one my parents recently bough, its pretty sweet

Yea right alienware is teh sexy!!

but nice pc anyhow

Yeah sat the ones u run on your server not the tr ones but the new ones that where created.

Oh and btw u guys this alien ware computer it may look cool but may not have all the qualities for a faster computer only fast computer u can have is the one u build yourself if u know how me and my pops built all four computers in our house but we havnt upgrgraded yet they still run slow eccept for the one in our office thats the mega right there u can do anything to it and it runs like its just bin bout out of the stores.

But its nice to hear that sos im glad u feeling good about your knew DELL nice computers but mostly for office like work and less gaming

yeah doesnt matter really tho, either way its a large updgrade from what he was palying on..

btw u can get the files @

Has any1 seen lost boy around at all? if u have please tell him ima lookin for him and what the situation on teh server is cus if he cant get 1 im gunan get 1 prolly

some one tell me a go0d server host for rune hov because VSK servers blow and i can find any other ( !!!

hmmm well

this is on NEI

Game Servers
We support a large assortment of games. Get the game server you want! Don't see your game listed?

Email us at sales@neihosting.comThis email address is being protected from spam bots, you need Javascript enabled to view it

Datacenter Locations:

Chicago, IL
Dallas, TX
New York, NY

as far as i know there still hosting muyo's, and reys sevrers so u could try emailign them about a sevrer..or atleast ask why they took rune off

Satros wrote:

Agreed if only there was a way to get away from school.. my class is STILL doing review from last year.. theres no point going rune is much more fun

Lost, if u NEI is gay after u ask still then im sure we could always work up a deal with Fear who owns the Serreal Tech servers, im sure he wouldnt mind getting paid a bit for hosting one of those sevrers that no1 ever goes to lol, u could prolyl get it cheap too maybe.. if u not then we could always email some other sevrer hosters for other game and ask them to open up hosting for rune

awesome sat. i will get on it.