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I'm pretty sure we're all going to be arrested now.

omg that is tha gayest thing i ever heard, wow

personally i dont even give a shit about gay ppl but fuck wit my speech and ill cut you in the eye

we gotta start an Axis club.. lol

i think ill say "thats so gay" twice as much now


i didnt know you could go to court for saying that!

wow >.>

SATROS. im telling on you =P

Wow, so fuckin gay A school that likes gay ppl.

i say something is gay in school alot, but none of my teachers here

OMG, EVERYONE says "thats gay" at my school the teachers yell at us for it too..

What that hell, let me put it this way, yes.. they can be gay, we changed so they COULD be.. WHY change again just because the freedom of speech "hurt their feelings"? If it hurts their feelings, dont be a fag!

fucking nazi's. (omg jail time)

lmao what a waste of time to argue over something as stupid as that.