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lets see how gay we all are:
answer truthfully

apprently im 33% gay (no homo)

im interested in seeing what minimoose gets lol

hahaha i got 26%

HA!!!! fags!! i got 23%

its because neither of you trim your pubes
cause you dont has lady frandz/andor pubez

LOL we already went over this like everyone who's college does including MEH

Satros wrote:
its because neither of you trim your pubes
cause you dont has lady frandz/andor pubez

well apparently this boy got a lil fruit in his loop.damn shame

oh and i got 23% me and murd are the homo twins (no homo)

33% gay for me :]


omg were both equally gay! lets be gay together and do gay things

LOL im 46% gay, thats the most so far >.<

(im nowhere near butch though. im actually really feminine. i just APPARENTLY like girls too >.<)

kar your almost gay (over 50%)

if you want to you can cancel out any gay thing you do by saying no homo after though

oh. is that why at the beginning of lollipop lil wayne says 'no homo'?

and okay. I GOT 46%, NO HOMO.

hm. if i were a guy, i'd only be 40% gay >_>

..does that make me a lesbian? o_O if i were a guy, i'd be straighter (meaning i'd like girls) than i am being a girl? o.O LOL.

no your still gay

wait. adds 'no homo' to what i said again

<3 guys.

wooot im straiter than a chalk line

Yeah your all gay (all homo) :]

Aw it's okay kar.. I got 43% (NO HOMO) x)

Haha I'll post it in a bit. I know your all itching to find out.

I haven't popped my collar in over 3 months though, it's a start.

**I am 40% gay. Still technically straight but I need to "losen up a little bit" haha. Too bad they didn't ask me if I shaved my chest

no homo**

"popped my collar"? what does that mean? is that some sort of innuendo? o.O

idk but i think it means he has-int  cum in 3 months
i guess his nut-buddy has been gone for 3months
no dipping the carrot!! 

yo homo!!!