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kay this happened last night. O____o so i was bussing to danns house after work, and theres not that many people on the bus and im sitting in like the far back corner, and theres this girl sitting in the other back corner, and we're at a stoplight and theres a car stopped beside the bus and a guy gets out and is like pointing and waving at the girl, but she doesnt see him so he's motioning for me to get her attention, so i do, she looks at him, the bus drives away, and she starts crying O_O

and im like 'oh no! do you know him?' and shes like 'HE KNOWS WHERE I AM NOW im trying to get away from him!' apparently he hit her with a fucking BASEBALL BAT, like just a few minutes ago or something, i couldnt really understand the whole story cause she was really upset but i was like WTF omg what do i even do??

so i was like 'can i call the police?!' and she was like 'no! dont call the police! dont call anyone its fine' apparently she was meeting her dad when she got off the bus, but she was freaking out that the psycho was gonna get to the busstop before her dad and like kill her. O____o

i had noo idea how to comfort her. i hugged her a bunch of times and let her use my phone to call her dad O_O but omg! WTF thats so terrifying. >___<

wow.. people are fucked up..

Expect a thread about busing tables
Get a thread about domestic violence on a bus

oh yeah i forgot about the word bussing like for busboys!