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i downloaded Frapsit lets me record things on my computer in small 30 second clipsif possible ill post an example later

if u want to have a video i might be ur man

Satros is it possible to even put a movie up here?

. ok.. then ( lol sorry im just trying to post more)

yes u better like it i can blackmail u people i can record what u say and do!!!!!!(atleast on rune)

-but i wouldnt do a thing like that-

You DO know Fraps has been around for years, right? And that any PC gamer/nerd worth their salt will have/had it installed? And as for putting up movies, you'd just have to link to YouTube or wherever you upload it. I don't think any forum supports streaming video or anything like that.

im hoping ur not nerds tho
and some people are 2 lazy to get it

i'm both cases, i'm just too lazy to upload them on anything

yo get gamecam its 100% better here is a download to the full version of the latest gamecam: