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Forums Reorganizing

Hey i need sugestions for reorganizing the forum, basically tell me if u gus think another forum category or anything wuld be good..

War Community
-General Discussion
-Clan Only Discussion
-Join Us

War Games
-Xbox Live
Other Games, Runescape, XileRO, Some other games?

War Creations
-War Art
-War Maps and Player Skins

anything else?

hmm u pretty much got it covered but ill try to think of some

I would say for Others, just split that into two forums: Console Games, and PC Games. So we don't have half a dozen game forums with one thread apiece.

i suggest goat seks

That goes without saying. Make it a sub-section of the Porn forum.

DO IT!!!!!!! that forums will have like 100000000000000 topics in a day lol